Republican files in Democratic primary for House district 20

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Leonard Surratt is the only Democrat running for the Texas House of Representatives district 20 nomination.

However, moments before yesterday’s filing deadline for candidates in the 2008 Democratic Primary, Liberty Hill resident Jim Dillon paid the $1,000 filing fee and registered as a candidate in Texas House district 20. He listed “Freedom Fighter” as his occupation.

The only problem is that Dillon is a Republican, whose political leanings are well known in the Liberty Hill community where he lives. Furthermore, Dillon voted in the Republican primary in March 2006. Williamson county voting records clearly show that he registered on April 13, 2005 and voted in the March 2006 Republican primary.

Curiously, Dillon apparently lived in Williamson county for more than five years before bothering to register to vote. Since registering, there has only been one opportunity to vote in a party primary election, and Dillon chose to participate in the Republican primary.

EOW will inquire with party officials who can confirm whether Dillon will be disqualified from the ballot as a result and provide an update.

Update: Party rules require candidates to vote in the party’s primary in the same election year. Therefore, if Mr. Dillon votes in the March 4 Democratic Primary and wins the nomination for SR20, he would be our nominee.


US Senate Race Round Up

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The El Paso Times has an article up on the Democratic Explorers, Race for the TX Democratic nomination seat is on.

A soldier and a lawyer will be fighting for the hearts, minds and, most importantly, the votes of Texas Democrats next year, as they try to become the party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate.

Check out this article written last week by Dave McNeely (former AAS political writer) on Rick Noriega’s announcement, Rick Noriega faces uphill battle for U.S. Senate. Uphill but nowhere near impossible.

Jabbing at the Republican incumbent, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, as a “cheerleader” for the administration of President George W. Bush “for a variety of failed policies,” Noriega said a change in representation is necessary to bring a change in direction.

“A lot of the problem we see today is (that) stubbornness is not a foreign policy,” Noriega said.

Noriega, a sturdy 49-year-old legislator who has worked in educational administration, last week announced formation of an exploratory committee at a press conference on the state capitol’s front lawn.

Noriega, with buzz-cut hair and an erect military bearing, chose a backdrop of the memorial to those who died at the Alamo to underline his 26 years in the armed services, including a stint in Afghanistan with the Texas Army National Guard.

“Growing up in Houston, my family taught me the importance of serving my community,” Noriega said in a prepared statement. “I’ve been privileged to serve this country as a soldier, my state as an elected representative, and Houston as a community leader focused on education. The call to service has been a big part of my life, and I am taking the next step in answering that call.”

“Standing in the shadows of this monument, I’m reminded of our state’s great tradition and our duty to speak out when things have gone off the rails,” Noriega said. “Today, our nation is headed in the wrong direction, led by those whose choice is to divide Americans to maintain power.

“They ignore the will of the people about the war in Iraq. They ignore the needs of the people for health care, college education, and a better standard of living. They ignore the lessons of our history: that America’s strength lies in our unity and diversity.

“John Cornyn represents the worst of these trends,” Noriega said. “And it’s time for him to go.”

Perry at Brains and Eggs adds his great commentary, The 18th:

A few of the names I can remember without Googling: Sam Houston. “Pappy” O’Daniel. Lyndon Johnson. Price Daniel. Ralph Yarborough. Lloyd Bentsen.

John Tower. Phil Gramm. The current occupants, Senator Perjury Technicality and Senator Box Turtle.

Mikal Watts has a press release out (no link) attacking Sen. Cornyn on his disregard for veterans health care (more on that below):

“In 2003, John Cornyn told veterans in my hometown that they’ve earned better health care and should get it,” said Watts, a native of Corpus Christi. “Four long years of failure later our veterans still deserve the health care, but now they also deserve a senator who can deliver on our country’s promise to them. When I’m Senator, we will kick the political hacks out and make sure our veterans get the health care they deserve.”


The latest USA Survey poll, released June 19, 2007, showed that only 42% of Texans approve of the way Cornyn is handling his job, with 43% disapproving. The poll demonstrates that Cornyn is the least popular US Senator standing for re-election in 2008.

No matter the Democratic nominee it’s obvious that Sen. Corunyn has to go. The Lone Star Report has two excellent reports on Sen. Cornyn’s shameful record of failing the troops (.pdf) and on the deficit(s) and as Bush’s lapdog (.pdf). You can also dress him up like a paper doll.

With the Democratic field now at three, John Cornyn was caught sneaking Karl “Turd BlossomRove into and out of a fundraiser. The question must be asked why is Cornyn sneaking him around and why is Rove agreeing to it? I thought Karl Rove was a fantastic GOP political operative, I can’t imagine why they would want to hide Rove’s involvement with Sen. Cornyn. Especially with his poll numbers so low. Anyway Turd Blossom came and went from the fundraiser and purportedly, “gave a really” nice speech”. Sure he did.

Sen. Cornyn can blame poll methodology all he likes but if the thinks running on the same lies Republicans have been telling for the last four or five decades will get him reelected than he’s fooling himself:

Recent polls, though, have shown Cornyn’s approval rates falling. A June Survey USA poll showed 42 percent approved of his work, while 43 percent disapproved.

This week, Cornyn called the methodology of those polls questionable and said the election happens after each party has chosen a candidate. No significant primary challenge is expected in the Republican U.S. Senate race.

“Right now, the other side hasn’t picked their candidate,” he said during a news conference. “We don’t know what they’re going to propose.”

Cornyn said he planned to run on Republican principles of low taxes and regulation, restoration of law and order and opportunities for education and achievement.

While Cornyn’s mistakes are well documented, Stop Cornyn, Democrats must choose who will take him out first. I look forward to a primary that the people of Texas will focus on that will help Democrats choose a candidate that can help turn our country and state around.

Greg Is Right – Let’s Move The Goal Posts

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In our initial zeal to support Rick Noriega for US Senate the netroots of the Texas blogosphere may have been over enthusiastic. We may have projected the enthusiasm we have for Rick Noriega onto the rest of Texas and the United States. We were sure that through our blogs we could spread the word about Rick Noriega and surely we could get 800 people in 4 weeks to donate to his campaign. We also realize that the primary support is never as enthusiastic as the actual race and we confused the two. The netroots campaign is not solely about raising money but raising awareness of Rick Noriega and getting people on board with his candidacy and helping to spread the word.

A post written yesterday by Greg Wythe of Greg’s Opinion, The Marker: 109 … or 121, has given us the opportunity to reassess our initial goal. We will now, take Greg’s excellent opinion as our own, and change our goal to not 4 weeks, but to a quarterly goal, the end of September. Thanks for the advice Greg.

And don’t forget to go to ActBlue and donate to Rick Noriega, and help us get to 800, the sooner the better.


Wrap-Up Of Yesterday’s Noriega Announcement – UPDATED

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OffTheKuff has the definitive list of traditional media and blog coverage of Rick Noriega’s announcement yesterday.

Be sure and check out the KVUE video. (Tip, click and view the larger video.)

Here’s an English Translation of the Spanish Q&A from yesterday. (Great job Stace!!)

Also drop him a few bucks if you can.

[UPDATE]: South Texas Chisme points out that the “so-called liberal media” is at it again, Pitiful press coverage.

So, I’m going through the press reports of Rick Noriega’s announcement and I was very disappointed to find the articles were written from a Republican’s perspective. I know. I know. What should I expect from a suck up press.

Chisme notes that the AAS article is about Perry – G’s reporting has always made clear his bias toward Perry – and the DMN article is all about Sen. Cornyn. As CouldBeTrue said, “Countering this kind of press coverage is why I blog.” Amen, that’s one of the main reasons we all started blogging. And It’s sad to see the Texas media following the GOP’s play book so blatantly.


Statement from Texas bloggers regarding TX-SEN

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(X-poster at DKos and TexasKaos – check out the comments in those two posts. This is regarding recent activity in recruiting Democrats to run against Cornyn. We are a vast and diverse group with many different opinions. We are not a monolith. My statement from my earlier post still stands:

Let’s not try and predetermine the outcome by deterring candidates from entering the race. Let’s have a fair fight and then we’ll have a candidate all Democrats can get behind.)

We, the undersigned, are some of the many progressive bloggers and online activists in Texas. The Texas netroots community is a large and diverse one – from blogs to Democratic Underground, from Democracy for Texas to MoveOn, and more. No one person or group speaks for it. While we often communicate among ourselves, and often agree on many points, we all have our own perspectives and preferences.

Though we are speaking as one in this post, we are speaking for ourselves. Though we are a part of the Texas netroots, we do not speak for the Texas netroots, because nobody speaks for the Texas netroots.

We are confident, however, that everybody in the Texas netroots is united behind the goal of replacing our ineffective and out of touch junior Senator, who is up for re-election next year. We fully expect to give our unqualified support to the Democratic nominee for Senate, and we fully expect the wider Democratic community, netroots and otherwise, to do the same.

While we all have our own preferences among the many fine choices to be that nominee next year, we do agree on one other thing, and that is that we intend to be a full-blooded participant in the process to choose him or her. We do not appreciate any effort by one group or another to dictate who that nominee will be, just as we would not expect anyone else to appreciate our dictating of a nominee. Some of us are undertaking an effort to draft a particular candidate to run next year, but those of us who are doing so hope to win that battle on the merits of our candidate. Others of us are not involved in any draft movements but are focusing on helping the eventual Democratic candidate. All of us expect a vigorous debate that will lead to the best choice being made, one we will all then unite behind. We are all committed to taking this seat back for the people of Texas.

We hope this clarifies matters, and we hope that you will join us in helping to elect a progressive, people-powered Senator from the great state of Texas in 2008. Thank you very much.

Charles Kuffner
Off the Kuff

Karl-Thomas Musselman
Matt Glazer
Burnt Orange Report

Texas Kaos

Vince Leibowitz
Capitol Annex

Mayor McSleaze

Eye on Williamson

Muse Musings

Bradley Bowen
North Texas Liberal

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