It’s Election Day! Get out and vote!

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EOW’s first recommendation is get out and vote!  Other than that here are  a few recommendations. None of the Constitutional Amendments are particularly appealing, but we specifically recommend a vote against Proposistion 2 and Proposition 4 on the statewide ballot.

As for the local ballot items, a no vote is recommended on Proposition 9 and Proposition 10 on the Round Rock city ballot.  Both are taxpayer giveaways for so-called economic development.

In Hutto, money for public education is on the ballot, and EOW recommends a Yes vote.

Find out what’s on the ballot and where to vote at the Williamson County Elections page.  Polls are open from 7AM to 7PM.

Here are a few voter guides to look to get familiar with the issues:

Texas Legislative Council.

The Burnt Orange Report.

League of Women Voters.


Early voting for the November 8th Constitutional Amendment & Special Election starts today

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NOVEMBER 8, 2011

Monday, October 24 through Wednesday, November 2
8am to 6pm
No Sunday Voting
Thursday, November 3 and Friday, November 4
7am to 7pm

Main Location:
Williamson County Inner Loop Annex,
301 SE Inner Loop

Branch Locations:
Anderson Mill Limited District Pat Bryson Municipal Hall
11500 El Salido Pkwy,                                  201 N. Brushy St.,
Austin                                                      Leander

Cedar Park Public Library Cedar Park Randalls
550 Discovery Blvd.,                           1400 Cypress Creek Rd.,
Cedar Park                                             Cedar Park

Parks & Recreation Admin. Bldg.           Cowan Creek Amenity Center
1101 N. College St.,                            1433 Cool Springs Way,
Georgetown                                          Georgetown

McConico Building                            Round Rock Randalls
301 W. Bagdad St.,                           2051 Gattis School Rd,
Round Rock                                           Round Rock

Brushy Creek Community Center          J.B. and Hallie Jester Annex
16318 Great Oaks Dr.,                      1801 E. Old Settlers Blvd.,
Round Rock                                           Round Rock

Taylor City Hall
400 Porter St.,

Monday, October 24 through Wednesday, November 2
10am to 6pm
No Sunday Voting
*Thursday, November 3 and Friday, November 4
*7am to 7pm

Oct 24, Monday:   Seton Medical Center Williamson, 201 Seton Parkway, Round Rock
Oct 25, Tuesday:  Granger City Hall, 214 E. Davilla, Granger
Oct 26, Wednesday:  RR Higher Education Center, 1555 University Blvd., Round Rock
Oct 27, Thursday:  Clairmont Retirement Community, 12463 Los Indios Trail, Austin
Oct 28, Friday:  Liberty Hill Annex, 3407 RR 1869, Liberty Hill
Oct 29, Saturday:  Liberty Hill Annex, 3407 RR 1869, Liberty Hill
Oct 31, Monday:  Jarrell Memorial Park, 1651 CR 305, Jarrell
Nov 1, Tuesday:  Hutto City Hall, 401 W. Front St., Hutto
Nov 2, Wednesday:  Hutto City Hall, 401 W. Front St., Hutto
*Nov 3, Thursday:  Hutto City Hall, 401 W. Front St., Hutto
*Nov 4, Friday:  Hutto City Hall, 401 W. Front St., Hutto

Click here to view a sample ballot.


Out of ideas, Gonzales resorts to lying about Maldonado

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Republican house district 52 nominee Larry Gonzales has resorted to lying about his opponent in order to get his campaign out of the ditch. In one single press release, Gonzales makes no less than six false or deceptive statements.

  1. Gonzales implies that Maldonado employs a consultant in Virginia. To disprove this statement, simply look at the campaign finance reports. There are no payees or donors from the state of Virginia.
  2. Gonzales claims that Maldonado “has ducked and run from any attempt at a public debate”. Maldonado will appear at the GAHCC forum on Oct. 5, and a second bi-partisan forum is being planned at Southwestern University.
  3. Gonzales claims that Maldonado declined a debate at the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC). This lie falls flat when you check the calendar and find that Maldonado has been booked for the GAHCC’s Oct. 5 forum for several weeks.
  4. Gonzales claims that Maldonado requested questions 7 days in advance of the GAHCC forum. Maldonado campaign spokesperson Mitra Salassel said, “The only request we made was a standard inquiry as to the format of the forum.”
  5. Gonzales claims that Maldonado represents Austin instead of Williamson County. Maldonado’s record of securing funding for critical projects in district 52 speaks for itself. Maldonado secured funding for the Renewable Energy Training Institute of Williamson County, $16 million for the Texas A&M Health Science Center in Round Rock and $350,000 for the Texas State University’s Round Rock Higher Education Center. Maldonado also secured $10 million in funding for the expansion of FM 1460. These projects directly improve the economy and quality of life in Williamson county, and represents a total change in direction from the former Republican representative from that district, Mike Krusee, whose singular focus was on converting agricultural land into toll roads.
  6. Gonzales uses “Texas P2” to refer to the “Texas Prosperity Project”, a Koch Industries-funded fake-grassroots organization that is part of a nationwide effort, active in 35 states, to undermine President Obama, prevent access to health care, avoid regulation of clean air and stop financial regulation. Gonzales states that Texas Prosperity Project “is comprised of business and industry”, which is true if what you mean by “business and industry” is a sampling of oil and gas companies, banks and insurance companies.

The voters in district 52 remember well what it was like to have an Austin-focused representative who carried water for Gov. Perry on his pet projects — toll roads — using district 52 as a laboratory for experimenting with selling off our public infrastructure to private corporations. We don’t want to go back to that. The voters of district 52 know why most of Gonzales’ campaign has been financed by Bob Perry. A vote for Gonzales is a vote to keep the Texas Residential Construction Commission, even though the Sunset Commission staff found the TRCC to be dysfunctional and recommended its repeal.

Burnt Orange Report’s Philip Martin is also all over this.


Democratic Party chairman at odds with other party leaders

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Williamson County Democratic Party chair Greg Windham holds a peculiar view of voters’ perception of the party he was elected to lead.

Windham said Moving Wilco Forward and Annie’s (List) play into anti-Democratic stereotypes, making Williamson County residents and other Texans “afraid of Democrats.”

“They [voters] think we are here to kiss their men, kill their babies and take their guns,” Windham said.

In an interview with Round Rock Leader editor Brad Stutzman, Windham echoed derisive stereotypes that Republicans frequently use to bash Democrats. During his brief tenure as the head of the local party, these sentiments have sparked conflict with a number of precinct chairs on the party’s executive committee.

Stutzman provides a balanced summary of the disagreement between Windham and the executive committee members who voted to spend about half their cash to fund a voter registration drive conducted by a coordinated campaign representing all local Democratic candidates. However, Windham’s comments quoted in the story reveal that he is fixated on opposing the treasurer of Moving Wilco Forward, the political action committee managing the coordinated campaign.

Robert Jones is a Democratic political consultant with a remarkable track record of success, serving as the political director for Annie’s List, a statewide “organization dedicated to electing progressive women to office.” Jones formed Moving Wilco Forward in December 2008 with the express purpose of electing all the Democratic candidates in Williamson county.

In voting to move $5,000 over to Moving Wilco Forward, the majority of executive committee members expressed greater confidence in the organization’s ability to execute the voter registration program than Windham.

Windham said he believes volunteers should use “elbow grease,” going door-to-door to register voters.

Hard work is part of the plan, and the coordinated campaign will do a significant amount of door-to-door canvassing; however, the coordinated campaign will also be using mail pieces and targeting new residents of Williamson county, many of whom may have neglected to move their voter registration. Take the average street in your average neighborhood, for example. Perhaps 1 in 20 homes on that street will have moved in the past year. “Elbow grease” is wasted knocking on the other 19 doors.

Windham may not have been aware of this, which may explain why he was in a very small minority voting against the proposal. After all, Windham has only run one political campaign, a failed bid for County Commissioner in 2008.

After the executive committee voted to write the check to Moving Wilco Forward, Windham fired off an antagonistic email to a large number of local Democrats.

It would be responsible for wasteful spenders to be eradicated in order to combat the stereotypes that prevent us from winning elections. We are living in an age of consequences and it would be refreshing for some people to wake up and realize it.

One is led to wonder how to “eradicate” members of the executive committee who disagree with him. The executive committee believes the best chance for success in November is with an organization that has the experience and tools to register more voters. They believe that a Moving Wilco Forward-led coordinated campaign will make a much better case than Windham that the Democratic Party better represents the interests of Williamson County’s working families.

The top concerns of voters this election, contrary to what Windham says, are Texas’ highest-in-the-nation electric and home insurance rates, the difficulty in finding a job or getting enough hours to make ends meet, the expense of sending a child to college, the fear of being one illness away from bankruptcy and the strain of toll roads and fuel prices on the family budget.

In ways that directly impact the lives of families in Williamson county, the Democratic Party represents positive change, greater transparency and accountability. All the better ideas for government are Democratic. The Republican party deals in fear, distrust, delay, stagnation and corruption. The Republican party is sorry that BP was asked to pay for the damage caused by their negligence. The Republican party wants to eliminate Social Security and terminate unemployment benefits. The Republican Party wants to give $3 million to each of the richest 120,000 taxpayers.

Local Democratic activists feel a sense of urgency to act now to take back government and use it to defend working families instead of giant corporations like ExxonMobil or BP. Every election that passes without voters hearing our message, more children fail, more homes are foreclosed, more workers become jobless, more jobless become homeless and summers keep getting hotter.

Greg Windham needs to heed his own advice: “We are living in an age of consequences and it would be refreshing for some people to wake up and realize it.” Wake up, Greg. Realize that you’re hurting the very cause you were elected to champion. Either that or step down and allow someone who actually believes that informed voters will side with the Democratic Party.


Runoff voting today

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PLEASE VOTE TODAY 7am -7pm FOR DEMOCRAT VIC VILLAREAL, running for ACC TRUSTEE. It’s a non-partisan race, so just remember “VOTE FOR VIC!!”  He has excellent credentials and endorsements. I’ve met him a few times and seems genuine and very nice. He won 40% of the vote in the primary, his opponent got 25%, but since Vic didn’t have a majority, it goes to a run-off. Go to:
wilco.org and click on elections. Find your precinct number to see where your polling location is. Please urge everyone you know to vote today for Vic Villareal. If they live in the Austin school district, the RR school district or the Leander school district you can Vote for Vic!! If you want more info about him, here is his website, you can also google him:  http://www.vicforacc.com/


PEC Board of Directors Election: 13 Candidates Vie for 2 Coveted Seats

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Ballots for electing two new directors to the Pedernales Electric Cooperative are now arriving in mailboxes. Once again, there is a crowded field of hopefuls wanting to sit on the Board of the nation’s largest electric utility cooperative. The position comes with approximately $40,000 a year in retainer and meeting fees, access to potentially lucrative and sensitive industry information, the ability to control what members pay for electricity, and how excess revenue is allocated.

Despite member protests for single member district voting, at large voting is still used in the PEC Board election, meaning all members can vote for candidates regardless of their district. There are eight candidates for District 4 and five candidates for District 5. The entire list of candidates can be viewed at: 2010 Board Election

Candidate’s qualifications run the gamut from concerned members to utility professionals to experienced politicians. Candidate campaign speeches, recorded at a PEC election forum, can be viewed online HERE.

Special Interest Group Makes Dubious Choice in Endorsements

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May 8th Election Results, Williamson County

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[UPDATED] results, click here.

Carl Wake wins in Leander Place 3 City Council race over John Perez, 219 -200.  More from the AAS here, Two incumbents, one challenger lead in Leander; Cedar Park race could be headed for runoff.

Where to vote in local elections today in Williamson County

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Vote today!! Here’s the information.

Around Williamson County  today there are many city council and school board elections. Click here to go to the County Elections page to see where to vote. There are 15 Precincts that have no election today.

Community Impact has a great VOTE 10 page setup with articles on certain races, and links to all the races (below).




Austin Community College board of trustees, Place 4 Hutto City Council Place 2 Pflugerville ISD Place 3
Austin Community College board of trustees, Place 5 Hutto City Council Place 3 Pflugerville ISD Place 4
Austin Community College board of trustees, Place 6 Hutto City Council Place 6


Austin ISD Place 1 Hutto ISD At-large Rollingwood Aldermen
Austin ISD Place 4 Hutto ISD Place 3 Rollingwood Mayor
Austin ISD Place 6 Hutto Mayor

Round Rock

Austin ISD Place 7

Jersey Village

Round Rock ISD Place 4
Austin ISD Place 9 Jersey Village Position 1 Round Rock ISD Place 5

Bee Cave

Jersey Village Position 4


Bee Cave Elections Jersey Village Position 5 Taylor City Bond Election

Cedar Park


Taylor City Council District 1
Cedar Park Charter Amendments Lake Travis ISD Position 3 Taylor City Council District 4
Cedar Park City Council Place 2 Lake Travis ISD Position 4 Taylor ISD Place 3
Cedar Park City Council Place 4 Lake Travis ISD Position 5 Taylor ISD Place 4
Cedar Park City Council Place 5 Lakeway Charter Changes Taylor ISD Place 5
Cedar Park City Council Place 6 Lakeway City Council

West Lake Hills

Cedar Park Mayor


Eanes ISD Place 5


Leander City Council Place 1 Eanes ISD Place 6
Georgetown City Council District 3 Leander City Council Place 3 Eanes ISD Place 7
Georgetown City Council District 4 Leander City Council Place 5 West Lake Hills elections
Georgetown City Council District 7 Leander ISD Place 3
Georgetown ISD Place 1 Leander ISD Place 4
Georgetown ISD Place 2 Leander ISD Place 5
Georgetown ISD Place 3


Today is the last day of Early Voting for May 8th election

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Today is the last do to early vote for the May 8th municipal and school elections in Williamson County.  Polling locations are open until 7 p.m., click here for locations.


Early voting or May 8th local elections in Williamson County starts today

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Monday, April 26 through Saturday, May 1             8am – 6pm
(Del Lunes 26 de abril al Sábado 1? de mayo)                                8am – 6pm

NO Sunday voting (Domingo NO habrá votación)

Monday, May 3 and Tuesday, May 4                        7am – 7pm
(Lunes 3  y Martes 4 de mayo)                                    7am – 7pm

For full list of locations click  (Read the rest of this entry). Read the rest of this entry �

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