Is the Texas GOP “crying uncle” in redistricting fight?

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It looks like the Texas GOP is convinced that they’re likely to lose the precelarance trial.  Via The Hill, Texas Dems, minority groups near huge win with redistricting settlement.

The Texas state attorneys defending the state’s GOP-drawn redistricting plans from court challenges have reached out to settle litigation, according to sources in the state. The settlement would give minority groups and Democrats what they’ve been demanding from the start: more heavily minority, Democratic-leaning House seats.

The result would likely mean at least four more Texas Democrats in Congress as of next year, a good start on the 25 or so seats Democrats need to win to retake control of the House.

“They’re backed up against the wall and have to come to some agreement and it’ll be awfully favorable on our end,” said one of the plaintiffs in the case. [Emphasis added]

Another plaintiff agreed. “It’s clear they know they’re in a vulnerable position and that’s why they want to settle,” he said.

Kuff has much more and says it, “If..true, it’s amazing”.  Not to mention a huge waste of time and money too.

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