We must “Re-Fund” public education in Texas

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Democratic candidate for US Senate Paul Sadler is taking it to GOP frontrunner David Dewhurst.  Highlighting Dewhurst’s effort to de-fund public education, Sadler calls it the “Dewhurst Disaster”, Sadler to Dewhurst: ‘work or resign’.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst should “get to work or resign,” says Paul Sadler, former House Public Education chairman, who believes state lawmakers need to come back to the state Capitol to work on school funding in a special legislative session.

Dewhurst is running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate; Sadler is running for the Democratic nomination.

Only Gov. Rick Perry can call a special legislative session, but Dewhurst should be supporting the call, Sadler says.

“Massive cuts to education this year, followed by systematic cuts planned for next year, will create a “Double Robin Hood” scenario for many public schools,” Sadler said. “I call this ‘The Dewhurst Disaster.

Paul Sadler has a simple message for David Dewhurst: “Get to work, or resign.”

“During the last legislative session, it is now obvious that both Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst were interested only in their selfish desire to run for higher office and were too afraid of the right-wing extremists to tackle the hard issues of our state created by their mismanagement,” Sadler said. “I can certainly understand why both of these men would try to leave the State before Texans learn of the disaster they have created.”


“In the past few weeks Texans from across the political spectrum have demanded that the Governor call a Special Session of the Legislature to solve our state’s school funding crisis,” said Sadler. “From conservative Republican State Senator Steve Ogden to the Texas State Teachers’ Association, responsible Texans are demanding that our leaders step up, forget about politics, and show some real leadership for our schools and our school children. It’s time David Dewhurst woke up and paid attention.”

Sadler contends that Perry and Dewhurst are more interested in their personal ambition than the children of Texas.

“These are the facts: With almost $8 billion in the Rainy Day Fund, they intentionally cut over $5 billion from our children’s education, resulting in larger class sizes, and teachers being fired,” Sadler said.” For the first time in the history of this state our leaders failed to fund enrollment growth – that means they ignored the educational needs of new children entering our schools.”

Sadler said the “Perry-Dewhurst budget will result in a ‘Double Robin Hood’ scenario for school districts like Andrews ISD, Alamo Heights ISD, Frisco ISD, Plano ISD, Highland Park ISD, Lewisville ISD, Northwest ISD and hundreds of school districts across the state.

“The Dewhurst disaster will just get worse next year when school districts that already send money to Austin thanks to Robin Hood receive massive cuts. It’s a double Robin Hood scenario. Every Texan, whether you have children in public school or not, needs to know the disastrous course these policies will have on our children. The education of our children is too important to be ignored while Perry and Dewhurst try to run for higher office,” Sadler said. [Emphasis added]

If you live in a school district that’s suffering under the GOP’s attack on public education in Texas, Perry, Dewhurst, Straus, and their GOP cohorts are to blame.  They believe that’s why they were all elected in 2010, to cut the budget and protect the Rainy Day Fund.  The only way to get across to them that they were wrong is to throw them out in 2012.

Elected members of the Texas GOP are responsible for what is happening to public education in Texas.  And Perry and Dewhurst, in particular, put their political aspirations ahead of everything else.  Sadler, as do teachers in Texas, realize this can be fixed right now.  Gov. Perry has the power to call the legislature back.  That he won’t shows that he care little about what’s happening to public education in Texas.

In order to re-fund public education in Texas we must replace many who were elected to office in 2012.  They must be replaced with people who believe a quality public education is vital to Texas’ future.  Of course the Save Texas Schools rally is coming up next month.  It would be great to see Sadler there to speak about public education in Texas.  STS also has a petition which states:

We call on all state leaders – both officeholders and candidates – to pledge their support for the following emergency actions in the next legislative session:

  • Make outstanding public education a top priority for Texas.
  • Restore all school funding cuts made by the 2011 legislature and provide sufficient resources for our growing student population.
  • Revise school finance laws to be fair to all students.
  • Fix the $5 billion annual structural deficit to avoid further cuts to education.
  • Reevaluate and limit high-stakes standardized testing.

We can no longer afford leaders who fail to recognize the critical importance of a strong public education system to our economy and our future. We’re watching, we’ll remember and we vote.

You can add your name here.

Elections have consequences.  If we want quality public education in Texas the same people cannot be sent back to Austin in 2013.  We need new leadership so public education can be re-funded.


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