The horribleness of our media

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Many are familiar with the acronym SCLM, which stands for “so-called liberal media“. Media Matters highlights the SCLM at work, CNN Facilitates Romney’s Deceptive Attack Ad Against Obama.

In a July 19 article headlined, “Romney drives a truck through Obama’s ‘build that’ remark,” CNN.com reported on a new ad from the Mitt Romney campaign that attacked President Obama over his recent remarks about small businesses, without pointing out that the ad dishonestly edited Obama’s comments to portray him as anti-business.

Furthermore, here’s the way CNN described the Romney ad: ” ‘These Hands’ [is] about an owner in charge of a family business who challenges Obama’s claim that his family did not build their business on their own.” Again, CNN did not inform readers that Obama made no such claim in his remarks.

In other words the ad is blatantly, and patently, false. And CNN, as with GOP media outlet Fox News, doesn’t even bring up the fact that it’s a lie.

As Think Progress points out, Romney agrees with Obama’s actual statement, Romney Agrees With Obama: Government Does ‘Help You In A Business’.

But during a campaign appearance in Ohio on Wednesday, Mitt Romney misquoted Obama, before agreeing that tax payer-funded programs help all American businesses succeed:

ROMNEY: I know that you recognize a lot of people help you in a business. Perhaps the bank, the investors. There is no question your mom and dad, your school teachers. The people who provide roads, the fire, the police. A lot of people help. But let me ask you this. Did you build your business? If you did, raise your hand. Take that Mr. President! This is what’s happening in this country. These people are entrepreneurs.

As Media Matters points out.

But you won’t hear that played on endless loops on Fox News. Instead what you’ll get is the narrative that Obama is anti-business, a concoction dreamed into existence with the help of deceptive edits of Obama’s comments. In fact, Fox News spent 42 segments and more than two hours of airtime pushing this manufactured controversy.

And now we’ve come full circle with Romney repeating the distortion with the full backing of Fox News. On Thursday, Sean Hannity even promoted the Romney campaign ad, with pollster Frank Luntz crowing, “I’ve been very critical of many of the ads, and that is one of the best ads that you have shown on this show since the beginning of the campaign.”


Now that the echo chamber is working as intended with this even more blatant distortion of Obama’s comments from the Romney campaign, CNN should be pointing out such dishonesty instead of promoting it.

The Obama campaign has really hurt Romney on his tax, secrecy, outsourcing, and foreign money problems. (Sparking the “you people” comment.)   So much so that the campaign is stooping to blatantly lying about what the president said. While this kind of stuff is expected from the GOP’s media outlet, Fox News, it’s despicable that CNN is joining in. The fourth estates job is supposed to point out these kind of lies and deception, and bring the truth to the public, not join in with the lies.

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    […] The Romney campaign is blatantly lying, and CNN and Fox News are going along with it. It’s what WCNews at Eye on Williamson calls The horribleness of our media. […]

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    […] The Romney campaign is blatantly lying, and CNN and Fox News are going along with it. It’s what WCNews at Eye on Williamson calls The horribleness of our media. […]

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