Endorsements – Paul Sadler, Matt Stillwell, and Ken Crain

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Here’s Democratic US Senate candidate Paul Sadler’s closing argument ad, it’s pretty good.

Click here to view the video.

He’s trying to use his proven ability to work across party lines, which his opponent Ted Cruz is unlikley to do.

There’s more information on Sadler’s endorsements from Kuff, Endorsement watch: The scoreboard for Sadler, and the Texas Monitor, Sadler’s Final Pitch.

In the final weeks of his campaign, Sadler has gained the critical wind to become a serious candidate for the United States Senate against Tea Party extremist Ted Cruz. In his final pitch to Texas voters, Sadler is reminding them of his bipartisan record and mainstream agenda.

Major newspapers from across the Lone Star State are endorsing from newspapers across the Lone Star State. His two debate performances have boosted his social media presence and gained a lot of buzzwith the press. Meanwhile, his opponent’s party is flopping with the extreme stances its candidates are promoting. Cruz has failed to distance himself from the rape comments made by Missouri’s Todd Akin and Indiana’s Richard Mourdock.

Today he launched his latest campaign commercial, “Texas Honors,” which highlights his exemplary career in the Texas Legislature while calling out Ted Cruz for his anti-Texas policy agenda.

Also the Statesman has endorsed Democrat Matt Stillwell over Tony Dale in HD-136.

Texas House, District 136

An insurance agent who lives in Northwest Austin, Stillwell’s deep concern about the future of public education motivated his run for the Legislature. He says he’ll fight for public schools if elected and will do what he can to roll back punitive, high-stakes testing. He also understands how seriously underfunded the state’s roads are and how cuts to roads and highways, along with cuts in other areas, have not reduced spending or tax burdens but merely shifted costs and debt to towns and cities. He focuses on fiscally sound, gimmick-free remedies that would benefit District 136 in the long term.

Check out Matt’s web site here.

The Williamson County Sun Endorses Ken Crain.

Ken Crain has conducted his career in the Navy and as an attorney in Georgetown in a measured and humane manner He is honest and decent. He says of the 12 assistant DA’s at the district attorney’s office, “If elected I will try to retain as many as possible. With each one handling 100 to 300 active cases, it would be a tragedy to lose these people.”

Crain believes we need to be tough on crime but smart, too. Ideas he proposes include a “no-refusal” DWI policy that would allow blood to be drawn in suspected DWI cases that would identify riot only alcohol content in the blood, but prescription and illegal drugs; this would “cut down on jury trials” because of the clarity of the evidence; a work-release program for first-time offenders that would allow jail prisoners to keep their jobs while serving, say, a 60-day sentence (only jail time and work time would be allowed); and an open files policy for the DAs office, which would allow defense attorneys to see evidence that might help their clients.

We like Ken Grain’s maturity and honesty, his willingness to utilize a top-flight district attorney’s staff, the management experience that he acquired in the Navy, his brain power, and most especially, his superior experience practicing all sorts of law over a 27-year career as an attorney in Georgetown. He is by far the most qualified of the candidates in this election, We strongly recommend him as Williamson County’s next district attorney.

Crain’s web site is here.  Be sure and vote, see where to vote early below. Early voting continues through Friday.

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