The deal breaker in the debate about public money to private schools

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From the just released House Research Organization’s report Topics for the 83rd Legislature, page 10 section on School choice and vouchers.

The 83rd Legislature may consider introducing school vouchers, including using public money to pay private school tuition for some Texas school children. Such a program could be targeted to low-income or special-needs students or those who attend low-performing schools. A related issue for debate could be providing tax credits for businesses that contribute scholarships for certain students to attend qualifying private schools. Proposals may impose state testing and accountability requirements on private schools receiving public money. [Emphasis added]

Yes, that’s right, the taxpayers of Texas are going to want accountability, to know what their money is being on and if their money is being spent well. Do private schools really want the state of Texas becoming involved in their business?  For all the bluster the right wing has about getting government out of everything, it seems so unlike them to be putting forth a proposal that will allow the government to stick it’s nose in private education.

Private schools have always had autonomy from the government accountability that public schools have always had.  But blurring the line between public and private education will end all of that.  That surely looks like a deal breaker.

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