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What else was he going to say? Chance Dewhurst will run for re-election? ’101 percent’. If he doesn’t say that he’s a lame duck and has no power.

House freshman quickly learning that politics isn’t bean bag. House freshman: Simpson forcing floor vote he can’t win. A tea party’er that takes out an incumbent for supporting Straus is now whining becasue he will have to take a tough vote. Welcome to reality.

The Lege is thinking about more money for teachers….if they want weapons training. Senate leaders look at state funding for gun training for teachers.

Many new faces will be taking the oath on Tuesday, Texas House returns with largest contingent of new members in 40 years.

Williamson County loves giving away taxpayer money to corporations that would have come anyway, As population booms, Williamson County works to bring in businesses.

The 83rd legislature is likely to be much like the 82nd, but with different excuses because this time there will not be a shortfall, but likely a surplus – no matter what “fuzzy math” the Comptroller comes out with tomorrow.

Perry and the wing nuts will come up with every excuse imaginable not to put money back in public education, and the social safety net. All of this will likely make it a much more frustrating legislative session. And also should make it crystal clear to everyone that to change Texas to a more fair and equitable place we must change who we elect.

Stay here through Sine Die for coverage of the 83rd Legislative Session in Texas, aka The Lege.

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