House committee assignments are out

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Here are the lists – by committee, by member.

Here’s are the assignments for the Williamson County members.

Ton Dale
Energy Resources
Homeland Security & Public Safety

Marsha Farney
Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence
Local& Consent Calendars
Public Educaiton

Larry Gonzales
Local & Consent Calendars

Williamson keeps a member on the Appropriations Committee (Schwertner was a member in the 82nd). Farney on Public Education and Dale on Energy Resources were likely assignments because of their resumés.

Burka take on the committee assignments:

Well, today is the day that the Speaker’s honeymoon ends and the members’s complaints begin. Last session the Republicans held 25 chairs and the Democrats 10. This time around it’s Republicans 24 and Democrats 14. Of course, the Democrats picked up seats in the last election cycle, but I suspect that Straus will take heat for that decision.

TexasWatch lets us know, How they rank, on the Insurance and Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committees.

The Texas Tribune has some demographic information and says the new Public Education chair sets up an interesting alternative to the chair in the Senate.

Of the standing committees, 32 are chaired by men, six by women. That’s one more female chair than the 2011 session.

Among the committee chairs, 26 are white, five are black and seven are Hispanic, one more than last session.


State Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock takes over the Public Education Committee as battle lines are already being drawn over accountability, student testing and school choice reforms. He is well-regarded in public education circles and has drawn support from advocacy groups that oppose private school vouchers — an indication that any legislation enacting such a policy — a priority for his counterpart in the Senate, Dan Patrick — might encounter a hurdle when it comes to the lower chamber.

This looming education “battle” has everything to do with the fact that Straus didn’t lose a GOP primary to a tea party wing nut, and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst did.

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