Scenes from the Save Texas Schools Rally

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Today was the Save Texas Schools rally at the State Capitol.

Check out Progress Texas to see many more signs from today’s rally.

More from the Houston Chronicle, Educators, parents rally for reforms.

The rally, organized by education advocacy groups under the banner “Save Texas Schools,” began with a five-block march down Congress Avenue and culminated with an assembly on the south lawn of the Capitol. Speakers included education reform advocates Diane Ravitch, who served as U.S. assistant secretary of education, and former Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott.

“We aren’t providing justice for all when our state Legislature cuts $5.4 billion out of public schools (in 2011) but somehow manages to find $500 million for Pearson Testing Corporation,” said Ravitch, a Houston ISD graduate.

“Texas is the place where the testing madness started, and Texas is the place where the vampire will get garlic in its face and a stake in its heart.”

Scott said tests will always be part of public education, but “they don’t need to be the end-all be-all of our public schools.”

Noted Scott: “I saw the system spinning out of control (as commissioner). We have increased the costs and the consequences at a time that we have cut funding.”

Protesters carried signs reading: “Flunk Governor Perry,” “Stop underfunding and over-testing,” and “We need more teachers, not more tests.”

Perry, Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, and Texas Education Agency Michael Williams were targeted by name.

Here’s some video from KXAN.

Rally focuses on school issues

Looks like it was a pretty good crowd. But KXAN gave way too much time to the wing nut rally on the north side of the capitol.

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