Misplaced priorities

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The state of Texas has many pressing issues, Texas At Risk In Ability to Compete and Succeed.

The news isn’t good: Texas is facing a crisis in health and human services, education, and clean air and water. If our leaders continue to fail to address these pressing concerns, the prosperous future of our state is at risk.

Unfortunately, Republican leaders from Rick Perry on down refuse to address the reality faced by most Texans, and too few Democrats seem willing to draw a line in the sand and stand firmly in favor of restoring cuts to education and expanding access to health care.

Let’s suffice it to say that the tax burden on Texas businesses isn’t’ one of them. Which is why this seems particularly cruel, David Dewhurst says Texas Senate will push for more business tax cuts.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst says the Texas Senate will push for expanded tax cuts, adding relief for research-driven businesses and broadband and telecom companies to a package that already targets electricity ratepayers and small business.


Dewhurst said the exemption of research and development costs would cost about $240 million.

A fourth proposal the Senate backs is a sales tax refund for telecom, Internet and cable TV companies, he said. Its cost would be capped at $50 million a year.

While Perry has said lawmakers should pay for some part of the tax cuts with rainy day dollars, Dewhurst said the Senate wants to pay for at least half of the tab with available general-purpose state revenue.

“Whether part or all of the rest would come from the rainy day fund is not decided,” he said.

Yes, tax cuts take precedence over funding public education, a finding a way to bring health care to close to 2 million uninsured Texans, to name just two of the festering issues in Texas.  Our state leaders really have misplaced priorities.  But it likely has everything to do with the needs of those at the top of the wealth spectrum.  That is who our democracy listens to, not those that are truly in need.

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