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Catching up.  Been away from the blog for a few days.  Here are a few items worth reading.

No shi%, literally, or as Kuff put it, “Poopgate” is a big load of…, and Perry too, Still no evidence of jars of feces at Texas Capitol.

People don’t like Obamacare. They like defunding it even less.

Senator Wendy Davis scheduled to speak at fundraiser for small nonprofit that serves teen mothers.

According to the Alley’s House webpage for the event scheduled for Sept. 26, Davis is slated to share her story about being a teen mother and “meeting challenges to build a strong future for her daughters and for future generations of Texas women.” Alley’s House has served 800 girls since it opened in 1997. The agency offers case management, job training and GED classes.

AJAM on Greg Abbott, Texas GOP candidate disappoints disability advocates.

Despite being a paraplegic, Greg Abbott has argued the Americans with Disabilities Act is unconstitutional

Wilco Deputy Shortage Ending – For Now.

For now the problem seems solved, but WilCo’s population is exploding. It’s grown nearly 70 percent percent since 2000. That growth is expected to continue which means the Sheriff’s Office may eventually be back at the Williamson County Commissioners Court asking for more help.

“Our jail population grows larger, our registered sex offender population grows larger, our fugitives from justice grow larger,” explained Mike Gleason. That means greater demand on a department that responds to every single call.

“We have 9 year olds who won’t eat their mashed potatoes their mom calls and we have that call too, a cat stuck in a tree, animals in your house — we go to every call,” he says.

The question is, when those calls go up will the county answer by opening its wallet again? As of right now there is not a clear answer.

“They do recognize the growth and they have commented that this is something that we need to stay on top of,” Gleason says.

Oil corporations are immoral, Unfair Share: How Oil and Gas Drillers Avoid Paying Royalties.

“The duty of the corporation is to make money for shareholders,” Anderson said. “Every penny that a corporation can save on royalties is a penny of profit for shareholders, so why shouldn’t they try to save every penny that they can on payments to royalty owners?”

That pretty much says everything we need to know about why corporations should not be treated as a person. Because at least some people have morals, corporations don’t.

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