Van de Putte seriously considering run for Lt. Gov., A Davis run will influence other Democrats

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BOR and Kuff have already covered the news from Jonathan Tilove that state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio) is seriously thinking about running for Lt. Governor of Texas in 2014, Van de Putte contemplates joining a Davis ticket.

When I asked her about running for lieutenant governor she replied, “I’m just so very honored and flattered that so many people from the grassroots, Democratic Party leaders and Texas business leaders have urged me, about the possibility. First and foremost my thoughts are waiting to see what my sister colleague, Wendy Davis, is going to do, and then visiting with my family. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities, but I have not made any decision.”

Van de Putte said “history will show that we have had 20 years of solid Republican rule and in those 20 years, I’ve seen our infrastructure needs (she cited water, transportation and education) ignored, until this very recent session, and what we’re trying to do, as the speaker put it, with our highway funding is a band aid. It becomes really easy for those in office to say `no’ and be so afraid of the next primary that they are very hesitant to say `yes’ to even an increase in fees or a gasoline tax, which we haven’t had in 22 years.”

“All I can say is I’m still in the thinking mode and my family has really been through so much this past year,” she said. “The biggest decision will be that of the heart of my family.”

The more quality candidates Democrats have on the statewide ballot the better. Van de Putte, unlike Davis, can run and still hold onto her state Senate seat. Hopefully some more Democrats will get in. I’d like to see former state Sen. Eliot Shapleigh run for a statewide office.  I agree with Kuff:

I’m so on board with this. The two Senators would make an excellent and energizing top of the ticket, and should have no trouble attracting ballotmates, volunteer energy, and fundraising support. Sure, they would face an uphill battle, but they will be as well placed to start out as any Democratic statewide candidate has been in a long time. We’re ready when you are, ladies.

If Davis runs the ballot on the Democratic side will look completely different then if she decides against running.

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