Is Larry Gonzales going to get primaried?

Posted in HD-52, Williamson County at 9:53 am by wcnews

These have been showing up in mail boxes around Texas House District 52.

It would be nice to see a strong Democrat make the decision to run in HD-52. QR had this to say about similar mailers that went out in other House Districts around the state.

This really has to do with how Gonzales has strayed from the tea party, that he was more then happy to use in 2010 to get elected. Democrats wouldn’t give him a passing grade either. ¬†In a wing nut county like Williamson that doesn’t leave many people left to vote for him. ¬†Another thing that could make Gonzales vulnerable is that his sugar daddy from 2010, Swift Boat Bob Perry, passed away earlier in the year.

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