HK on Hillary In Texas – [UPDATED]

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EOW‘s with Harvey Kronberg, (hat tip to Greg), “it is going to take more than Hillary Clinton on the ticket to revive Republican momentum“.

It’s the last two paragraphs, that include the quote above, of Kronberg’s column that need to be expanded upon.

But it is often external things campaigns can’t control that drive elections. For the last 15 years, Republicans benefited from the daily drumbeat of conservative talk radio unifying their message and energizing voters. What’s new is that liberal blogs are serving much the same purpose, touching and energizing the left on a daily basis.

I am not predicting that Democrats are going to win Texas next year. But the way things feel today, it is going to take more than Hillary Clinton on the ticket to revive Republican momentum.

Voters of all parties, and not just in Texas but across the nation, have turned a deaf ear to the “wing-nut” blow-hards of talk radio. They’ve also grown tired of the Republicans failure to govern. The promise of tax cuts that never came and a government that can no longer help citizens in need (S-CHIP, Katrina, health, care, etc..), have opened a chasm. And with most traditional media ignoring that reality, blogs have served have filled that void that they left. Not that any of us want to be compared to “wing-nut” radio. We deal in facts and site our sources and while we are opinionated there’s a link to backup what we’re saying.

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