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At his blog Rep. John Carter (R-Round Rock) has posted on his latest trip to Iraq. There are a couple of points that need to be made about what he is writes in it. The first paragraph is extremely troubling.

As a Member of Congress I can tell you there is no bigger issue we face as a nation than the Global War on Terror. This war affects every American. It demands sacrifices from the men and women in uniform who so bravely risk their lives to defend the freedoms we enjoy today, and it affects the families of our military who send their loved ones to fight the battle. It is to these individuals that we owe our eternal gratitude.

While, let there be not doubt, we are all extremely grateful for the sacrifices of our military and their families this first paragraph highlights on of the biggest problems I’ve always had with the rhetoric used her by people like Carter. It’s also used by Bush and all the Neocons when talking about the Global War on Terror (GWOT). They tell us that the GOWT is the biggest issue we face and affects every American, but it demands the sacrifices of the military and their families only. Notice how Rep. Carter doesn’t ask anyone else to sacrifice for this issue that, he says, “affects every American”. It’s been obvious from the beginning that as long as people like Rep. Carter and those for continuing this war can keep it from entering most Americans daily lives they will be able to continue this war.

You can continue reading the rest of Rep. Carter’s tale of joy from Iraq, but let’s suffice it to say, he paints a rosy picture of what’s going on in Iraq, so don’t worry you’re pretty little head about it. If you do want to worry this might be a place to start. Iraq is a horrible humanitarian disaster, Nearly a third of Iraqis need immediate emergency help as conflict masks humanitarian crisis.

    According to the report:

  • Four million Iraqis – 15% – regularly cannot buy enough to eat.
  • 70% are without adequate water supplies, compared to 50% in 2003.
  • 28% of children are malnourished, compared to 19% before the 2003 invasion.
  • 92% of Iraqi children suffer learning problems, mostly due to the climate of fear.
  • More than two million people – mostly women and children – have been displaced inside Iraq.
  • A further two million Iraqis have become refugees, mainly in Syria and Jordan

It will be hard to bring a political solution about to a county with conditions like that. And the violence continues unabated. None of this is to say that our troops aren’t doing the best job possible in near impossible circumstances. Rep. Carter goes on to show his adherence to GOP talking points and to Bush by parroting the party line on Iraq.

What is making a difference in Ramadi is the Sunni population is now working with the Iraqi government and our military to point out terrorists. I might remind you that the al Qaeda are Sunni. Because of the success of our men and women in uniform and the brutality of the terrorists, the Iraqi people are beginning to trust their government and the Americans.

In that paragraph Rep. Carter is hoping that everyone will believe that the war in Iraq is, and has always been, a fight against Al Qaeda. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While that story about Ramadi is a good one, it’s says nothing about the on-going bloodbath/civil war between the Sunnis and the Shiite’s.

What Carter is trying to do in this post is to tell his constituents, again, that everything is fine in Iraq, no need to think about it, our fine military and their families will take care of everything. Just keep buying gas, going to the mall, and doing everything you always do, as if there isn’t even a war on. Even though it’s the biggest issue Americans face and it affects us all.


  1. WilcoVoter said,

    August 30, 2007 at 6:00 pm

    Regarding 2008, this is the person I would most like to see defeated, assuming he runs. I have heard him speak on C-Span and YouTube, and I can not believe how poorly he expresses himself, especially for a man who was a judge and once lawyered for a living.

    It seems to me that he was supposed to have given his annual “State of Williamson County” speech a few weeks ago at a Baptist {?} Church in either Leander or Cedar Park, but I can find nothing anywhere that he actually did so. Did he?

  2. Eye on Williamson » The “State” Of Congressional District 31 - Brian P. Ruiz Running In CD-31 said,

    August 31, 2007 at 12:05 pm

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