AusChron On Tuesday’s Landfill Vote – UPDATED, News 8 Video

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Landfill Expansion Trashed … for Now. Sheds a little different light on the story, especially at the end. Those who are for the current deal really hate ob Gregory, owner of Texas Disposal Systems. This part toward the end shows that, and a couple of more things

After the vote, opponents were jubilant. “They [the court] blinked, big,” said Gregory, adding, “They listened to the constituents and their concerns.” Gregory also heads Texas Justice for All, which is a party to the contested case hearing at the state level.

County Attorney Jana Duty deemed Gregory a “propagandist” for wanting the county to seek competitive bids on the project rather than just handing the job to WMI.

The specter of a landfill as large as King Kong has served to mobilize residents and environmental opponents. As proposed, “Mount Hutto,” so named by Mount Hutto Aware Citizens, could rise twice as high as the UT Tower and about 200 feet higher than the Frost Bank Tower, to a height of 700-plus feet on more than 500 acres. Opponents of the expansion also believe WilCo has long played the financial fool, because in the 1990s, commissioners acquired 300 acres through condemnation, in hopes WMI would one day buy the landfill-area property outright. The $50 million sale will probably never materialize, however, as long as WMI keeps its contractual relationship with the county. “It’s like they won the lottery,” Texas Disposal Systems spokesman Johnson said of WMI. “The county was snookered.”

The possible height of the future landfill is definitely disturbing. But I was completely unaware that the county had this $50 million carrot being dangled in front of them. If true, that would explain why the county would be so willing to make such a bad deal.

[UPDATE]:  News 8 story with video, No decision yet on Wilco landfill.

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  1. tweety said,

    August 30, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    That’s how they do business. The only thing that has changed, is they are being watched and can’t do the under- the -table- deals anymore.

    It stinks!

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