TCRP’s Scott Medlock Discusses Williamson County, TDH, & CCA

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In the latest YouTube from Children In Jail, about two minutes, 15 seconds in, Texas Civil Rights Project attorney Scott Medlock starts discussing what he calls an “encouraging development” regarding T. Don Hutto. It’s that there will be a new set of eyes in the prison. He’s speaking of the CCA paid WCSO monitors. He first refers to it as encouraging but then starts talking about what some problems with this setup could be. He says that the $5,000/month that CCA is paying the monitors, makes it unlikely that much “real monitoring” will occur. EOW takes that to mean that the “monitoring” amounts to little more than a PR ploy.

He calls it “somewhat concerning” that CCA is paying the monitors. He then compares CCA’s deal with the WCSO to a recently closed down privately run TYC facility in Coke County, Texas. Where the corporation running it, GEO Group, was paying TYC officials to “monitor” the facility and it was a disaster. If the “monitors” are being paid by the corporation, and the monitors need to keep receiving that money to keep paying their mortgage, let’s say, and something bad happens at the corporate prison that could potentially stop the monitor from receiving that money, is it possible that the monitor would try and stop that information from coming to light?

Don’t forget what the corporation is trying to do is work the best deal they can. Also don’t forget that all they want to do is make as much money as they can, nothing else matters. If they can insure that there’s no bad PR coming from the prison, and that keeps their $2.8 million contract intact, and all they have to do is pay a let a few locals share $5,000 a month, why that’s a great deal for the corporation.

Medlock ends by saying it’s difficult to run a constitutional prison especially on the cheap. And that’s what CCA and the county are intent on doing. He ends by saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised to see lawsuits related to the violation of detainee civil rights in the near future”. Oh, the pitfalls of putting mothers and children, who’ve committee no crime, in jail.


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