At The Pleasure Of The Governor

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That is the term of office as set out by Gov. Perry for his newly appointed interim chair of the Texas Transportation Commissioner, to replace the recently deceased Ric Williamson.

Gov. Rick Perry today named Esperanza “Hope” Andrade of San Antonio interim chair of the Texas Transportation Commission for a term to expire at the pleasure of the governor.

That could also be said of our state’s current transportation policy. While no one could replace Williamson she’s not even supposed to, more than likely just a place holder that will do whatever Perry wants, until someone else can bring pleasure to the governor. Or as Sal put it:

Andrade is expected to continue to ignore Texans and the Texas ledge, to force freeway to tollway conversions (as well as the TTC land grab) just as Williamson did.

Don’t screw up what Rick and Ric put into place, that’s her job.

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