Money And Tolls In Precinct 1

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Last week the RRL had an aticle about fundraising in the Precinct 1 GOP Primary races. Going through the list, incumbent county commissioner Lisa Birkman got many donations from engineers, engineering PAC’s and surveyors. Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell and CTRMA Board of Directors chair Robert Tesch donated to Steve Laukhuf.

Also today’s RRL story regarding tolling the O’Connor extension between RR 620 and SH 45. Most of the article talks about the increased traffic this could bring to the neighborhoods in the area. But at the end the article gets back to the issue of tolling the extension. Birkman says this:

Birkman said many different route studies went into deciding which would be the most feasible way to give residents better access to the tollway and that county and mobility officials are still working on all the details – one of which is whether or not it makes sense to toll the extension.

“What we’re hoping to do is – if we do toll it – there would be some sort of arrangement where the county would get paid back over time,” she said.

According to Birkman, the mobility authority has begun a preliminary review of the project and the next step is to conduct a formal feasibility study, which will then go back to the commissioners court for review.

“Then at that point, I would like to have some public meetings and get some input and see what the public things about the idea,” Birkman said. “So it’s far from being a given. We’re just trying to find options to relieve the traffic in that area.”

She’s probably already heard from the people about her earlier statement in favor of tolling the extension and is trying to backtrack. What the financial statements show is that anyone opposed to the “toll everything” philosophy that both GOP, aka “tolling party”, candidates are members of, needs to vote Democratic for change and accountability in November.

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