County Elected Officials/WMI Attached At The Hip

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When delving into the landfill issue in Williamson County it became clear that the elected county officials have been, throughout this process, bending over backwards to placate Waste Management, Inc. (WMI) at the expense of the taxpayers. That’s why several citizen groups felt the need to get involved with the landfill, more specifically with it’s new contract and possible expansion. Why the county officials are so obedient to WMI’s demands is understandable when it’s known that County Attorney Jana Duty has been moved aside, and WMI’s lawyers are instead “assisting” the county in these matters. The fox is watching the hen house.

While both the citizen groups and the county have claimed victory in the recent SOAH decision it’s the taxpayer that’s still the loser. Even though the citizen groups have done great work it’s obvious the county is undeterred from doing what WMI wants. In today’s AAS there’s this article detailing both sides reactions to the recent ruling, Dueling press releases about Williamson County landfill. Here’s how Democratic County Attorney candidate Jaime Lynn reacted after the ruling:

Democratic candidate Jaime McCain Lynn, who is challenging Duty in the November election, offered his own take on Duty’s release.

“Ms. Duty’s obvious disdain for the involvement and legitimate concerns of ordinary Williamson County citizens directly affected by the landfill is perplexing,” he wrote.

Unfortunately it’s not. Duty is only a spokesperson now since the WMI attorney’s are advising the county on the landfill. The county has long tried to play the innocent victim, trying to say they are stuck in a bad deal, and place the blame on a previous commissioners court. While all that may be true it’s no reason for them to abdicate their duty. Their job is not to whine and complain but to solve problems. Let’s hope the county is vigorously fighting for their petition to have a new landfill contract put out for bid and stop shunning the citizens help. Which wold go a long way to remedy this situation.

The county will always whine about legitimate complaints to their horrendous landfill contract, aka the “Limmer Lemon”. Trying to paint anyone who doesn’t buy their boondoggle as a agent of WMI’s rival. But from all appearances it’s pretty obvious why county officials are quick to counter any arguments against WMI’s “sweetheart” deal in Williamson County.

It’s hard to believe that our county government would allow a corporation and it’s law firm to hijack this process. And with that it shouldn’t surprise anyone when what’s best for the taxpayer is completely disregarded. After all a corporation only exists to make money, protect it’s bottom line, and doesn’t care at whose expense. Our elected officials are supposed to be looking out for our interest and not cede their duty to a corporation. Anyone who is willing to dig a little deeper will see this really about much more than a landfill. and garbage collection.


  1. Jaime McCain Lynn said,

    February 28, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Once more, Ms. Duty decides to demonstrate either her complete lack of understanding of who the parties were in this case, or her belief in the gullability of the citizens of Williamson County. She again elects to view this decision as a victory over the people of Hutto, when the County Attorney’s office directly contributed to the problem that caused these citizen’s involvement in the first place. Even the judges commended the legitimate concerns presented by the people of Hutto. Ms. Duty’s exhibited disdain for the people who put her in office, demonstrates a real problem for this county.

    The County Attorney states ” the concerns weren’t from ordinary citizens, but from rival landfill owner Bob Gregory, who intervened in the case as owner of a property company that buys land near landfills.” Nothing could be further from the truth. She further“ blamed confusion among opposing groups on Gregory for disseminating misinformation to citizens…”

    It would seem as if Ms. Duty is the one who is still confused. Had she just chosen to examine the ruling and available public records, she would have discovered that Hutto Citizen’s Group and Mount Hutto Aware Citizens are separate from Bob Gregory. HCG and MHAC are the ordinary citizens of Williamson County. Like myself, one doesn’t have to be backed by Mr. Gregory to figure this out. All anyone has to do is read the decision, easily available on line. The judges clearly said that Mr. Gregory’s limited involvement was through Texas Justice For All, LP, only one of five intervening parties.

    Is it too much to ask that an elected official choose to be fair when explaining things to the people who hired her? What is Ms. Duty hiding by continuing to inaccurately report the terms of this decision to the people she represents?

    Williamson County deserves better.

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