HD-52 Runoff, The Rest Of The Issues

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Diana Maldonado still doesn’t know which Craddick lackey she will face in November. Republicans voting in the primary runoff in House District 52 have a choice between insurance agent Bryan Daniel and Round Rock assistant DA Dee Hobbs. Unlike Maldonado, neither has ever won an election.

On the rest of the issues in the battle between the local guy and the insurance man, there doesn’t appear to be much difference. They both adhering to the failed conservative policies that brought about things like toll roads. While one has to be somewhat well versed in reading the GOP code to know exactly what they’re saying, it’s not hard once you get the hang of it. Judging from their web site issue pages (the local guy, the insurance man) the local guy appears to be more specific. Here’s a short synopsis:

Taxes & Spending:
Both are sticking to the failed conservative strategy on taxes and spending that have brought about our crumbling infrastructure, and taking away children’s health care. They want to lower property taxes, which means they’re for continued over-reliance on the state’s regressive sales tax, already among the highest in the nation. They’re against our current run away conservative-run government spending and will cut the budget. What they’ll cut they will not say, of course. But if they were to cut something it would probably be the aforementioned children’s health care first.

They will both support school vouchers, and defunding public education in Texas. They’d probably both support the sham 65% rule or something like it. And generally the free-market conservative line to run our schools to corporations.

The Border:
And like any conservative they’re trying to show they’re “tough” by showing how much of your tax money they want to spend expanding government along our Southern border. Along with demonizing immigrants, while letting the businesses that employ them and support their campaigns off the hook.

It’s the policies they support and espouse that have created the mess were in over the last 15+ years of conservative/GOP rule in our state. Either one of these guys is just more of the same.

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  1. Eye on Williamson » HD-52, Education Matters said,

    March 14, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    […] and these “sneaky” tactics will be history. Be assured that not matter which GOP candidate gets selected to run against Maldonado they will be on board with Craddick, Perry, and Dewhurst, and their plans […]

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