GOP Commissioners, It’s There Way On The Highway (SH 29)

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From all reports, so far, the Republican county commissioners, Valerie Covey and Cynthia Long and their $1 million PR firm, are giving the people two choices. North or South. They still refuse to discuss with the people of Williamson County why this Perry-like corridor needs to be built in the first place. There’s a great crowd picture at Liberty Hill River, as well as this take on last night’s “forum”.

The Wear Red campaign was a huge success in one respect: there is no doubt that County Commissioners Cynthia Long and Valerie Covey saw the number of people wearing red and vocally opposing both remaining Highway 29 bypass options. Hundreds of people showed up at the meeting to hear county’s consultants and engineers answer questions sent in advance. But when Linda Rife tried to adjourn the meeting, JT Cox stood up and asked politely but firmly how many people in the audience opposed both options. The huge crowd of Liberty Hill citizens stood as one and applauded.

The citizens of a united Libery Hill made it clear they don’t want an Interstate 29.

Unfortunately the county wanted to make tonight a multiple choice quiz:

* Go North
* Go South
* None of the above, not on the test

The county is happy to listen to us and wants our input, but the only question left is to choose the Northern Route or the Southern Route.

To be fair, the county commissioners make a pretty clear cut case:

* The county can’t stop growth
* People will continue to move to Williamson County
* Highway 29 will someday be overwhelmed with traffic jams
* The road has to either go through Liberty Hill or around it
* It’s better to plan early than later

How can you reconcile the will of the people with the harsh realities of demographics?

I have one idea to propose, but it will probably take a change to Texas law to implement, and it won’t make everyone happy.

And also this comment from K29L:

I wanted to hear for myself last night what the commissioners had to say at the open house. At about 2 am it hit me. I heard the benevolent politicians tell me, a member of the uneducated masses, what is best for me. After all “they” have the right numbers and insights because “they” have been working on this project and similar projects for years. I had the privilege of going to Beijing in March. Everywhere there were pictures of Mao. That is the picture that woke me up at 2 am. The benevolent politician who knows more than I do and who of course is doing it all for my good. I am a politician’s worst nightmare because I cross party lines when I vote. I vote based on the issues that the individual politician puts forth. I would not vote for Covey or Long even if they were the only two people on the ballot. I would write my name in first. Sign me not an uneducated member of the masses.

It appears it was nothing more than an attempt, and a bad one at that, by GOP commissioner Covey and Long, and their $1 million PR firm, to tell the people what a glorious plan they’ve concocted. Instead of allowing the people to question their elected officials and voice their concerns. Accountability comes in November.

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