More than 20,000 new registered voters in Williamson County since March

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At last night’s WCDP meeting Chair Richard Torres reported there have been 23,000 new registered voters in Williamson County since the March primary.  Here’s what was reported by Philip Jankowski in his recent article, County may be turning blue, in the Taylor Daily Press:

..the Williamson County Democratic Party has made a push to get new voters likely to vote Democrat to register to vote for November’s election.

[WCDP Chair Richard] Torres said the party has registered about 11,000 people in the past two months.

County elections administrator Rick Barron said the county has performed mass deputizations of registrars at the Democratic Party headquarters in Round Rock. Those deputies targeted places they felt blue supporters would be found.

“Apartment complexes, minority churches, there are certain areas we know Democrats hang out at,” Torres said.

Barron could not recall any mass deputizations taking place for Republican registrars.

Since early 2007, more than 50,000 new voters have registered in the county, bringing the total to about 232,000, Barron said. About 20,000 have registered since March’s primary.

The initial signs of a party shift could be traced back to 2006. During the election for governor, the number of precincts won by a Democrat jumped from the two traditional blue precincts, one in Taylor and one in Georgetown, to 26, Torres said.

The changing demographics of the county may also be contributing to the shift. Genevieve van Cleeve, who runs Maldonado’s campaign, said population booms throughout the county have favored the Democratic Party.

“Most of those people moved in recently, less than two years ago,” van Cleeve said. “Those people’s understanding is different.”

Despite GOP chair Bill Fairbrother’s protestations, those numbers are just more bad news for him. That’s just the newly registered. That doesn’t count all the voters who used to vote GOP in Williamson County that won’t this election season.  Especially with all the great choices the Democrats have on the ballot this cycle.

Brian Ruiz – Congress District 31
Diana Maldonado – Texas House District 52
Jaime Lynn – Williamson County Attorney
Mike Grimes – County Commissioner, Precinct 1
Greg Windham – County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Great work by all the deputy registrars and volunteers around the county!! There’s still much work to do in the coming to make sure all the our targeted voters get out to vote. Come by the coordinated campaign office and volunteer. Mark you calendars for the Williamson County Early Voting Kick Off Rally on Sunday, October 19th at 3:00pm. Also Rick Noriega will be coming back to Williamson County on October 29th, details when we get them.  Accountability comes in November.

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  1. Eye on Williamson » Democratic campaign signs being stolen and vandalized in Williamson County said,

    October 14, 2008 at 10:25 am

    […] While those opposed to the Democratic candidates for office play these silly games, in an attempt to keep the status quo in office, Democrats are out campaigning and engaging the community. Showing how they will lead in the face of adversity and take on future challenges in Williamson County. If these cretins had confidence in their candidates they wouldn’t need to sneak around at night, under the cover of dark, committing these pathetic acts. A simple way to handle this is to bring your sings in at night. Accountability comes in November. […]

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