The latest GOP schemes – don’t buy it

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There’s a reason for the public to be extremely skeptical when they see a headline like this,
State considers huge office complex near Texas 130.¬† Without getting too deep into the weeds on our state government’s latest scheme (see below), it’s key to first look at the latest privatization scheme that’s blown up, Governor calls for service review after data losses, server crashes.

Citing recent data losses and service problems, Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday ordered a halt to IBM Corp.’s massive data center consolidation involving dozens of state agencies while officials review the problems.

Perry’s move does not change the status of IBM’s seven-year $863 million contract, which began in March 2007.

But the governor’s intervention shines the spotlight on the agencies’ concerns about IBM’s service and the response by the Department of Information Resources , which is overseeing the contract.

“The problems that have been painfully documented over recent months, including state agency concerns about unreliable e-mail systems, administrative cost increases and other breakdowns, have resulted in a loss of confidence in DIR’s ability to provide Texas agencies with a proper level of service for technology services,” Perry wrote in a letter to the agency.

While it’s sad to see another Texas GOP privatization scheme working out bad, notice that since this affected the Attorney General’s office, and not poor people’s health care, that it’s seen as a serious problem by the governor. But seeing once again how inept our current elected officials are, this bungling should make the public extremely skeptical when learning about this new scheme, State considers huge office complex near Texas 130.

State officials are scouting land along the Texas 130 corridor in eastern Travis County to build a huge office complex that would house thousands of employees of state agencies.

The master-planned campus could save the state money, improve working conditions for about 9,000 employees and put valuable downtown Austin properties on the tax rolls for the city, county and school district, said Edward Johnson, executive director of the Texas Facilities Commission, who has been developing the plan for about 18 months.

If anyone actually believes this scheme will save the state money they are fooling themselves. Like most of these deals on the face of it, without digging to deep, it may not sound like it’s a bad idea. But with the crew we have in charge right now, we can be fairly certain that the good of state employees, saving money, and green buildings are not what this is really about. More than likely sweetheart deals for their buddies, on the current land, as well as on and around the future site, is what that deal is all about. Not to mention attempting to drive traffic to a toll road that’s not performing as forecast, (surprise!).

If there’s one thing we’ve learned since the Texas GOP took complete control of our state government, they proved the clich√© true – if it sounds too good to be true it is!

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  1. Susan Garry said,

    October 29, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    How true. Forcing thousands of state employees to use your toll road is bound to increase traffic on your underperforming toll road.

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