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As today’s Zogby poll of the governor’s race shows, ‘Ol What’s Her Name is fading fast. Expect to start seeing her face on television commercials after Labor Day. She’ll be spending that tax attorney money like it’s going out of style. She’s sitting on such a huge pile of cash, she’ll be able to buy a lot of air time. Her face and voice will be on so many TV screens and radios that by November 7th most Texans will be voting for someone else just so they won’t have to see or listen to her anymore.

As for Gov. Perry, can he go any lower? I thought 35% was his rock bottom but maybe not. The question now becomes who does ‘Ol What’s Her Name attack? And who does Gov. Perry attack? With numbers that low he can’t be bragging anymore about how proud of Texas he is, so he’s got to go negative, but on whom? This election it’s so hard to tell who’s taking votes from whom. One thing is for sure, it looks like the whole “Grandma” on the ballot issue turned ‘Ol What’s Her Name into a bigger joke than Kinky. Can all that money bring her back to respectability?

She and Perry have been sitting on their war chests for awhile, and now that they’ve hoarded it for so long, what are they going to do with it? They’re both so low in the polls that it doesn’t make sense for them to attack each other. And as Congressman Carter now knows , you start attacking those other two and you give them credibility.

Many people made fun of Chris Bell’s “Think Big” ad or didn’t like it but it did get people talking about him. No matter that they may have not have liked the ad, once they saw it they now knew who Chris Bell was. I think it helped his name recognition quite a bit, which is what he needed most. When people start writing off ‘Ol What’s Her Name, we will be looking to see which candidate gets those votes. At one time I thought if it looked like Bell might win then ‘Ol What’s Her Name might be pressured by her former party to get out. But now I don’t think her supporters would vote for Perry. And if she quits the race, it doesn’t help Perry much. This is just speculation, but fun nonetheless. Wow! The next two months are going to be fun in the governor’s race.

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    September 3, 2006 at 1:25 pm

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