House to take up GOP donors “Builder Protection Agency”

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John at Bay Area Houston has the skinny, Bob Perry’s builder commission up for debate.

HB2295 the “Save Bob Perry’s Builder Commission Act of 2009” bill will be debated on the Texas House floor today. Homeowners of Texas has been working on this bill and has details and links to the video of the upcoming debate at their website www.trcc.us.

This is a bad agency and if ever there was one that deserved to have the sun set on it it’s the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC). (See EOW’s earlier reporting on it here, here and here.)

Both Williamson County state representatives, (Diana Maldonado and Dan Gattis), have filed amendments, (28 in all), to the bill. Of course Maldonado’s opponent in 2008 was well financed by Bob Perry. Maldonado supported Homeowners of Texas and insurance reform in her campaign.  Gattis became involved in a case with homeowners in Jarrell.

Should be an interesting debate, to see how those who have benfitted the most from Perry’s cash try and save this worthless agency.  This agency has only a benefited wealthy homebuilders.  It has hurt homeowners, and allowed for sub standard housing construction, while virtually insuring homebuilders that they will not be held accountable for it.  It should not contintue.

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  1. HoTexas said,

    May 6, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Homeowners of Texas is here at the Capitol today with amendments and a strategy to make builders accountable to homeowners. The TRCC bill was supposed to be FIRST on the agenda after old business, but it’s not come up yet. None of the builder lobbyists are in the gallery, so where are they? In back rooms cutting deals? Check the live video stream and full text of the bill and current law at http://www.trcc.us.

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