Mary Beth Harrell Was In Stephenville Yesterday

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Here’s the article from the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, Harrell sets sights on defeating Carter:

.“I can’t buy this election, so I’m making it my mission to meet as many folks as I can,” Harrell said. “I am learning the issues and concerns facing the citizens of Erath County so that when I get to Congress, I can better serve them.”


Harrell, whose husband retired from the army after 23 years of service, has two grown sons currently serving in the military. Her oldest son is on active duty in Iraq.

“Our boys would not choose to do anything other than serve our country,” Harrell said. “Being proud of the military and supporting the military is not an issue for my family.”

However, Harrell was outspoken in her criticism of the Bush administration for saying that U.S. troops could be stationed in Iraq for years to come. She said Congress needs to stop being a “rubber stamp.”

“When the president says we are going to be in Iraq for years and Congress does nothing but remain silent, that makes them part of the problem,” she said. “We need to have a better solution for the people in Iraq and for our soldiers. We need to build a peacekeeping coalition and it’s the job of Congress to help push that through. We can’t go it alone anymore.“

If elected, Harrell said her first priority would be to “get back to serving working class families.”

“I’m very distressed and disappointed that this Congress serves special interests and big corporations,” she said. “The rising prices in home heating and gasoline are not the result of inflation, they are the result of the bad decisions our elected officials are making. It’s a problem with deregulation and the fact that they (Congress) is beholden to big business.”

I recommend reading the whole thing. To get Mary Beth more press you might try writing a letter like this to your local paper:

Open Letter to Congressman Carter:Some time ago you argued Tom DeLay was being maligned because of political attacks and his agenda. You stated Mr. DeLay was actually a good man. Given reports of Mr. DeLay’s involvement with corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the 3-26-06 article in the Washington Post of financial improprieties within Mr. DeLay’s U.S. Family Network, do you really believe he is not corrupt?

Isn’t it time to apologize to your constituents for your unrelenting support for Mr. DeLay and your role in subverting the U.S. House Ethics Rules designed to protect Mr. DeLay upon his eventual indictment? Don’t you owe your constituents an apology for watering down the U.S. House Ethics Rules, prohibiting the House from investigating ethics complaints when there’s a tied committee vote? You’ve neutered the U. S. House Ethics Committee, which enables the likes of Duke Cunningham to tarnish the reputation of the entire institution.

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    […] Eye On Williamson has a great piece on Congressional candidate Mary Beth Harrell who is running against Rep. John Carter in CD-31. […]

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