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Jim Stauber is running for the Texas Legislature HD-20 against Republican and TTC rubberstamp Dan Gattis. Here’s the link to the interview. Jim is a good ‘ol fashion Midwest pro-worker, pro-middle class Democrat. Although there is some brief biographic information at the beginning of the interviews I like the one from his web site better. Jim does a great job of showing the differences between himself and Dan Gattiis on the big issues.

Q: What do you see as the three or four most important issues to the voters in your district?

A: Trans-Texas Corridor


CHIP- Accenture

Phase 2 – Toll roads

Q: As a legislator, what would you do to ensure that these issues were properly addressed?

A: Stop the corridor

Make sure our public schools are fully funded.

Fire Accenture

This corridor is a bad idea and I will work with the rest of the legislature to remove the Spanish owned company from building these roads. This corridor if approved will run right through the farming heartland of Williamson County. We need to keep land in agriculture production to feed the people of Texas not pave it over.

There are so many programs designed to fund schools. The Reliant Energy program is one example. Currently our government has turned its back on overseeing these programs and as a result they have been the subject of skimming and fraud. I will push for legislation to empower the Attorney General and the Comptroller to open up the books and remove the fraud.

Even the lottery is not working to the optimum level for the schools.

Fire Accenture. Accenture is incapable of managing the CHIP of Texas. Waste is apparent and we need to return the state workers to manage this program. Privatization does not work. Making profit off of assistance programs is against my ethics.

I encourage the residents of HD-20 to read this interview. Jim Stauber is a great candidate who will “Put Our Government Back to Work for you.”

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  1. PDiddie said,

    September 28, 2006 at 5:23 am

    I met Jim for the first time at David Van Os’ Filibuster at the Capitol, back in March.

    This is truly the sort of person we need in Austin.

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