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Candidate for State House Blasts “Phantom Home Tax

Stauber cites unfair appraisal method for ranch, farm, and wildlife property

Jim Stauber, Democratic candidate for State House Rep., Dist 20, recently voiced his strong opposition to a little known property tax affecting approximately 1,700 Williamson County landowners. The appraisal method, which primarily affects owners of ranch land, farm land, and wildlife property, designates as a home site one acre of the appraised property, which can then be taxed at a higher rate. This designation is assigned EVEN IF NO HOME OR INFRASTRUCTURE HAS ACTUALLY BEEN BUILT ON THE SITE.

“I call it the ‘phantom home tax’”, said Stauber in a prepared statement. “The WCAD assesses values of anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000 for the one acre home site, then taxes it accordingly. It’s like paying a car registration fee because you own a driveway”.

Over the last few months, Stauber has attended meetings across the county where landowners have expressed their anger and frustration over the appraisal method.

“This is costing the land owners of Williamson County an average of $600 a year. Our property taxes are high enough without these types of backdoor methods taking more money out the pockets of our county residents”, said Stauber. “Williamson County is the only county in Texas that practices this unfair tax system. We need a tax system that is fair and equitable. As State Representative, I’ll use whatever influence I can bring to bear to end these unfair taxes”.

Jim’s Commitment:

“I will fight for our public school system and teachers”

“I will fight to stop the privatization of State Jobs”

“I will fight to stop certain aspects of the Trans.Texas Corridor plan that will take away valuable farm and ranch land.”

“I will fight to restore the Children’s Health Insurance Progrm to the levels and fairness Texans counted on prior to the 2003 Legislative session.”

“I will fight to relieve the tax burden of the lower and middle class citizens of Texas.”

“It is time to elect a candidate who understands the needs of the average Texas working man and woman. Who’s walked in their shoes. Who will fight for YOU.

“I will be YOUR voice.”

“Let’s Put Our Government Back to Work for the people of Texas”.

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