Rachel Maddow calls out Gov. Perry for his states’ rights comments on health care

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow regularly refers to herself as a news nerd. That personality surfaces in her reporting in the form of thoughtful analysis and a genuine zest for policy detail. All the more surprising, then, was her gobsmacked befuddlement at the comments of Gov. Rick Perry on WBAP yesterday in which Goodhair suggested that Texas might recoil from proposed federal health care reforms under cover of states’ rights claims.

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MADDOW: Governor Rick, you’ve been governor for nine years. How are you doing finding a solution for Texas’ health care problem, Governor? You’ve got the most expensive health care markets in the country, and the least number of people insured. And you’re worried the federal government is going to screw up the good thing you’ve got going on in Texas? You need to protect Texas’ health care system that you’re doing such an awesome job with, from people you think might really screw it up? Let the states find their own solution? You’ve had nine years, Governor. You’re the worst in the country. How are you doing with that?

With our front row seat at the freak show that is Texas politics, we may have lost a bit of our bemusement over the absurd, paranoid and delusional stylings of Gov. Hairdo. When our elected leader hints at secession, or rejects federal stimulus dollars before he takes them, we roll our eyes and pray the rest of the county isn’t paying attention. Rachel’s rant reminds us they are, and we in Texas are looking increasingly foolish as a result of the example Perry sets.

About four minutes into the clip, Maddow gathers herself and brings in her guest, Washington Spectator Editor Lou Dubose, who quips that Gov. Perry is executing a “line item secession”. He then explains, as we’re all too aware, that the Neanderthal logic behind Perry’s behavior is to convince the shrinking constituency known as the Republican primary voter, that Perry loves God and guns; and hates gays and anyone from Washington, D. C.

“He’s terrified of Kay Bailey Hutchison,” Dubose said. “It’s an extemist base that he’s got to nail down before Kay Bailey Hutchison starts spending money.”

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