Krusee and Gattis Love The TTC & Toll Roads

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The article, 3 legislators face challengers – Link via Sal via Corridor News – is a rough outline of the issues involved in the races for the state house and senate in Williamson County – HD 20, 52, and SD 5.

Here’s the money quote from Rep. Mike Krusee, “toll roads are enormously popular”. . We should all give Rep. Krusee a call and let him know how popular they are.

Of course his opponent, Karen Felthauser, is against them and the TTC:

Felthauser said tolls are a wasteful way to pay for roads.  “We’d get more roads for our money if we made them freeways,” Felthauser said.

Dan Gattis for his part says this about the TTC:

Gattis voted for the corridor in 2003 but said he also has several problems with the plan. He said he questions having “a private company setting the tolls that the citizens of the state of Texas will have to pay.”

In other words he’s not against the TTC and would vote for it coming through your farm again, given the chance. He just has a little issue with a foreign company profiting, not that he’ll do anything about it if reelected.

His opponent, Jim Stauber, does not mince words:

In his bid to oust Gattis, Democrat Jim Stauber is opposing toll roads and the Trans-Texas Corridor. “It’s the biggest land grab this state has ever seen,” Stauber said of the corridor, Gov. Rick Perry’s plan for 4,000 miles of tollways, railroads and utility lines. “It’s going to actually cost people their farms and their livelihood. I don’t see anything beneficial for Texas. They’re going to use it to transport goods from Mexico.”

There’s no grey-area here. If you against the TTC you can’t vote for Krusee and Gattis.

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  1. canofun said,

    October 26, 2006 at 3:07 pm

    Video of Dan Gattis at the Open Records Meeting in September speaking about eminent domain and the TTC
    Opened my eyes as to how the TTC is getting away with using eminent domain-through the shell game of having the land OWNED by TxDot but LEASED to Cintra. It’s shameful and it’s interesting that Dan Gattis, who lives near there, wouldn’t come out and say he would stop it. Maybe he plans to sell his land and move somewhere else, so it’s no skin off his nose.

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