Should we be concerned about killing innocent people?

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A new Rasmussen poll (tip to Texas Politics), shows that 26% (of Americans) are not very or not at all concerned about the possibility of the wrong person being executed for a crime.  It’s likely that number goes down when someone in that 26 percentile gets indicted for a crime the didn’t commit.  But it’s also likely that that number is quite a bit higher here in Texas.  While it may be higher in Texas, there’s probably still a large majority, even here in Texas, that would rather make sure when the state kills someone they’re actually killing the person that’ guilty of the crime they’ve been convicted for.

The poll states that 73% Worry Some May Be Executed For Crimes They Didn’t Commit. And as Texas Politics asks:

Do you think this poll has any relevance to the Texas gubernatorial campaign, where Gov. Rick Perry has been criticized for his handling of the execution of a convicted arsonist? What does the poll tell you?

Perry’s appointment of John Bradley and his stalling of the continuation of the Willinghman case, and Perry’s office playing games with the 2004 clemency report, both point to the answer to that question being yes. If Perry wasn’t worried about Texas being proven to be the first state to execute an innocent man, under his watch, it’s extremely likely that none of the shenanigans with the Texas Forensic Science Commission would have taken place.

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  1. CaJI said,

    November 16, 2009 at 2:22 am

    As president of CAJI ( Citizens Against Judicial Injustice ) I believe that Governor Rick Perry has indeed tried or is still trying to keep forensic evidence from being disclosed to the public. He has now appointed Mr. John Bradley to head this forensic department. Mr. Bradley is now trying to keep all information gathered by this commission, to not be made public. It has been,that through the investigating news media,they (the media) have opened up untruthfulness and dishonesty and corruption amoung public leaders and organizations ( P.E.C. ),that they,through their investigations have discovered corruption and dishonest CEO`S and public servants.
    It is wrong, not to bring up new evidence that could free any person that has been imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit and especially an execution of and individual.

    I would like for all to know that our group has worked to help individuals that have been convicted of crimes that they did not commit. I/we have worked hard for an individual that has been imprisoned for 23 years for a crime that he did not commit. His name is Mr. Richard Lafuente. Mr. Richard Lafuente is a native Texan and is from Plainview,Texas. A Texas Panhandle town between Lubbock,Tx and Amarillo,Texas in Hale County.
    Mr. Richard Lafuente and 10 others were convicted for the murder of ” EDDIE PELTIER “. This murder occurred at the ” Fort Totten Indian Reservation ” in North Dakota on August,28,1983. In the beganning of the time of this murder,around 3 years later,Mr. Richard Lafuente and Juan ( John Perez ) brother-in-law of Mr. Lafuente and 9 others,were rounded up and taken to court and all were convicted of this brutal murder,9 served from a few months to a few years,all except,Juan Perez and Richard Lafuente. This two individuals were given the longest punishments for this crime.Mr.Juan Perez served 15 years of a 25 year sentence and mr.Richard Lafuente is still serving a life sentence and has served 23 years,as of this last month of May. I have researched this murder of ” EDDIE PELTIER ” and have concluded that all this eleven individuals were in fact ” INNOCENT ” !

    On October of 2006,my friend Michael ( Mike ) Hall,a jounalist with ” TEXAS MONTHLY ” magazine did several months of research on this crime and concluded that,Mr. Richard Lafuente was indeed innocent,that corruption,lies by investigators and witnesses that were threatened with criminal charges,if they did not do as they were told. This story came out in the October issue of 2006,please read it online or call to order an issue of this brutal murder.
    I have sent letters to then, president George W.Bush and senators for help,but none responded. The only senator that took the time to write back and read the story of Richard Lafuente`s in ” TEXAS MONTHLY ” magazine,was Senator John McCain from Arizona,he himself a prisoner of war. He forwarded my letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs,but the respond I got was only a “Dear John Letter”. The mother of the deceased who was brutally murdered and family members,have also stated in a notarized statement and a video interview,that Richard Lafuente and none of the others murdered her son,”Eddie Peltier”,that the real murderers was a BIA police officer,James Yankton and brothers Roger and Quentin Yankton. James Yankton at the time of this murder, was a police officer with the BIA at the ” Fort Totten Indian Reservation. Mr and Mrs.Peltier gave officer James Yankton evidence that they had found at the murder scene for safekeeping.James Yankton made sure that this evidence got lost,so when the trial came up,there was no evidence to present.
    I can go on and on with information that I have discovered in this murder of Eddie Peltier. I am hoping that you folks can join me in the fight for the freedom of ” Richard Lafuente”. Please,help us in his ” Plight For Justice ” if you would like to write to Mr.Richard Lafuente,Please,contact me for his mailing information.The Title in the Texas Monthly magazine is ” FREE RICHARD LAFUENTE ”
    Also, ” The Innocence Project of Minnesota ” is also on Board to free Richard Lafuente. Ms. Julie Jonas is the managing attorney for the ” Innocence Project of Minnesota “.

    Thank you,

    Ray Rodriguez/President: CAJI
    Cell: 512-228-4755

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