Ogden changes his mind, will run for reelection to Senate, Gattis out

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Via Quorum Report, Gattis Withdrawing From Senate Race, Ogden To Run For Re-Election.

Gattis may also be retiring from House seat

Although we have not been able to speak to any of the parties directly, Quorum Report has learned that State Rep. Dan Gattis will not file for Senate District 5. As a result, incumbent Steve Ogden (R-Bryan) will run for re-election one more time.

It also appears that Gattis will not seek re-election to his House seat either.

An announcement is expected tomorrow.

Ogden changing his mind on his retirement is a big development. As is Gattis not jumping back into his HD-20 seat. No word on Ben Bius yet, but this all seems more than a little odd.   The way the QR blurb above is worded makes it sound like this was driven by Gattis dropping out of the SD 5 race.  And not wanting the district to go to Bius, Ogden will “take one for the team” and run again.  Whatever the back story, it’s definitely an interesting development.

[UPDATE]: Via the AAS.  Has more on why this may be happening.

Gattis, who has three small children, has found that running in the Senate district has caused him to spend considerable time away from his family and his law practice. With Ogden having announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election, Gattis has had numerous conversations with him in recent months about the Senate district, hoping to secure Ogden’s endorsement. The source said that out of those discussions grew a conversation about Gattis not running and Ogden stepping back in.

Ogden did not initiate conversations about stepping back in, the source said. But with the state facing a budget shortfall of more than $10 billion in the 2011 legislative session, there was talk that the times fit with Ogden’s skills. Ogden has chaired the budget-writing Senate Finance Committee during the last three sessions.

Gattis won’t rule out another run for office. Every seat in the House and Senate is up for re-election in 2012, after legislative districts are drawn. With Williamson County growing quickly, it’s possible that the Senate seat will be more compact, making it easier for Gattis to run. However, the source said Ogden and Gattis have made no deal about who will and won’t run in 2012

Let’s call them reason 1 (Gattis’ family considerations and law firm) and reason 2 (Ogden’s experience in tough times).  As far a reason one is concerned, it’s hard to believe that Gattis would be so ignorant and naive about a job he’s been coveting for years.  Reason 2 is more believable, but it’s hard to believe that someone like Gattis, with big aspirations would want to willingly sit on the sidelines for 4 years.  Just seems like there might be another shoe waiting to drop in this story.


  1. Gattis drops out, Ogden to run for re-election – Off the Kuff said,

    November 30, 2009 at 6:42 am

    […] the election than go to the trouble of winning and then decide it wasn’t what you wanted. EoW and the Trib have […]

  2. HeavyDuty said,

    November 30, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    The odds of the incumbent winning a bid to be re-elected are slightly better than 9 to 1. There will be redistricting after the 2010 election and the Republican majority can not afford to risk, even though the risk is small, their majority.

    The state’s budget is a mess that the legislature’s created. Without the one time budget surplus (the state stepped back away from all it’s obligations, without regard for consequences, in 2003) of 2007 or the federal stimulus billions of 2009 (that saved the legislature’s bacon), 2011’s budget session will be a nightmare. This is not the time to risk the office held by an incumbent, especially the Senate Finance Chair; one of the main architects of said mess.

    In 2006 I received 35% of the vote while spending less than $3,000, and am preparing to run again; raising funds this time. Gattis would’ve presented a better opportunity for me, or any other Democratic candidate, and both Ogden and Gattis are aware of that.

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