GOP statewide ballot getting stale

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Via an email from Democratic candidate for Attorney General Barbara Ann Radnofsky:

It is no secret, in Austin or anywhere in Texas, that AG Abbott does not want to be Attorney General anymore. We read countless news stories about his desire to be Lieutenant Governor or U.S. Senator. Our state leaders do not make decisions on what is best for the people; they make decisions based on what is best for their personal political futures.

The same can be said for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, he doesn’t really want to spend four more years playing second fiddle to a bunch of state Senators. Dewhurst will leave the Lt. Gov. position in a hearbeat to run for Senate, as soon as Hutchison’s current term is over, at the latest. Much is being made of the voters supposed “Perry fatigue“. But it seems that Abbott and Dewhurst are fatigued with their current positions. And if the GOP statewide ticket stays essentially the same, for the third straight cycle, voters will surely look up next November and realize that if they want something different they’ll have to vote for Democrats.

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