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Challenger says he has House votes to replace Craddick as speaker. Including another good quote form Craddick’s boy Bill Miller:

Austin consultant Bill Miller, allied with Craddick, dismissed McCall’s assessment, noting that McCall has yet to name supporters.

“He’s just yanking you guys,” Miller said.

It’s not just on the horserace but has some good stuff on the Central Texas reps. This part form Dawna Dukes was good – had they been reading BOR? She’s out there on an island in Travis County.

McCall said he has concentrated on wooing Republicans since his Thompson-driven surge of Democratic support. Democrats newly on his side include Reps. Elliott Naishtat and Eddie Rodriguez and Rep.-elect Valinda Bolton, all of Austin.

Democratic Rep. Donna Howard of Austin hasn’t committed to any hopeful. Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin, said he’s not ready to disclose a favorite.

Rep. Dawnna Dukes appears to be alone in the soon-to-be entirely Democratic Travis County delegation in pledging to Craddick.

“The choice is between two Republicans,” Dukes said Friday. “If I flip-flopped from one Republican candidate in this race to another Republican, what value would that have, other than for someone to say you’re weak and don’t stand up for your beliefs?”

Dukes stressed Craddick’s past decision giving her a leadership role on the House Appropriations Committee, where she has focused on health and human services.

Craddick, she said, “is going to win the race. I need to position myself to best serve my constituency again.”

What I’m coming to realize with these Craddick Dems is that unless they’re promised their current position by the new Speaker, which legally can’t be done, they have nothing to gain by switching sides at this point.

There’s also this part where it’s purported that Senfronia Thompson was a stalking horse for McCall:

Thompson said more than 60 members pledged to her candidacy by Christmas, yet she realized that additional support from Republicans would not fall her way.

She disputed Republican suggestions that she’s always been a stalking horse for McCall or other GOP challengers to Craddick.

“I was a sincere candidate,” Thompson, a member since 1973, said. “You know for a fact yourself, they were too darn scared to come out against that man. Why would I be a stalking horse for somebody scared to come out? I have never been a stalking horse.”

She said she folded after talking to McCall on the importance of bipartisanship and letting members represent constituents without fear of reprisal from the speaker or high-powered lobbyists.

“There comes a time when you have to look at what is important,” Thompson said. “Is the person important or the state of Texas? The state is more important than an individual member.”

I find the stalking horse argument laughable. Could be another desperate act by the Craddick camp. Who’s yanking whom?  Or just dirty politics by the Pitts camp.  They’re the ones calling McCall the Democrats candidate after all.  That last paragraph I couldn’t agree with more. This is about doing what’s best for Texas.

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  1. Eye on Williamson » My New Year Take On The Speaker Race said,

    January 1, 2007 at 1:26 am

    […] I think that Craddick is leaking support bad, even with his chair support letter, (and much more good stuff in that link from Kuff). Nothing good has happened to him in a while. His list of chairman supporting him is nice and not unpredictable. What’s more stunning is that four stepped out and publicly switched. I see that as worse news for him than all those that stayed. Like EOW said last week, these chairs are and would most likely be the last ones to abandon ship because they are likely NOT to retain these seats if a new speaker is chosen. […]

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