Rep. Carter’s pants are on fire….again

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Via Politifact Texas, Rep. John Carter says families with special needs children will pay $13 billion more in taxes under the new health care law. That’s not true.

Creighton Welch, Carter’s press secretary, pointed us to a March 20 report by the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) that estimates the flexible spending cap will generate $13 billion in revenue by 2019. The committee advises Congress on tax policy.

Welch said the reference to “30 million families” using flexible spending accounts comes from the right-leaning Americans for Tax Reform, whose tax policy director, Ryan Ellis, told us the statistic came from the Employee Benefits Research Institute, a nonpartisan research center that collects and analyzes data on employee benefit plans. Yet the institute, which doesn’t take positions on policy issues, told us it couldn’t vouch for the number. An industry estimate from the companies that administer the programs for employers is about 30 million, according to a June article by Kaiser Health News, part of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, which analyzes health policy.


Carter’s statement that the health care law will smack a $13 billion tax increase entirely on families with children who have special needs defies common sense. At our inquiry, his office backed off the sweep of Carter’s Twitter message and conceded they didn’t have numbers confirming that special-needs’ families would bear the brunt of the tax change.

All in all, Carter makes a dramatic, unsupported charge. We rate his statement as Pants on Fire.

There he goes again.

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