Bradley prefers working in secret

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The Texas Forensic Science Commission is meeting today in Las Colinas.  Not much is likely to be accomplished regarding the Willingham case.  I hope the media will finally, expecting something to be and  stop being so nice about it after today.  The DMN did make a well-deserved point about Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley in this editorial.

As Williamson County’s district attorney, Bradley is used to conducting business outside of public view. It looks like he would like to continue that as commission chair. Lawmakers have been disturbed – as this newspaper is – by reports that Bradley tried to get other commissioners to destroy e-mails and refuse to make public statements. Further, committees named by Bradley met last week in secret, with no posted notice. [Emphasis added].

In contrast, many eyes will be on Bradley today. People want to hear when he intends to take up the report of eminent arson scientist Craig Beyler in the fire deaths of Willingham’s three daughters in Corsicana. Many wonder whether Beyler was right in reporting in August that evidence at Willingham’s 1991 murder trial was the fruit of hocus-pocus, slipshod investigations.

Bradley was hired to bury this issue until after the election in November, and the media is, so far, allowing it to happen. Hopefully that will stop after today.  Maybe they should keep track of this issue as much as they do someone’s tax return.

[UPDATE]: More about today’s hearing, including links to live video, Texas Forensic Science Commission to Meet Friday, and from Grits.

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