60 Day Rule Vote Analysis

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The vote on the 60-day Rule, mentioned below, changes very little but gives the minority an opportunity, if it presents itself, to shelve bad legislation, if it were to come up, in the first 60 days of session. If the governor deems something an emergency then this rule does not apply. If there’s truly anything pressing, rest assured, the governor would deem it an emergency and it would pass with unanimous support. What this does is put a check on what gets done in the first 60 days and doesn’t allow the House leadership to sneak something through without proper consideration. It doesn’t keep anything from getting done, usually nothing much gets done – in the Capitol at least – in the first 60 days of session. This just means that for something to get done it needs 4/5ths, 120 votes, to be taken up before during the first 60 days of session. Again, unless the governor deems it an emergency. (There is a 30 day limit on committees, which will end Feb.7, again allowable with a 4/5ths vote).

Respect is a two way street and Craddick and his band of looters have not sought nor earned it and this is the result. It was particularly disheartening that Craddick’s mouthpiece on this issue was none other than “Democrat” for “reform” Rep. Sylvester Turner.  Must be part of his duties a speaker pro-tem. But he may as well just join with Patrick Rose, who’s rumored to be joining the GOP before the ’08 election, if he’s going to keep shilling for Craddick like this.

That being said, symbolic as it may have been (link via ITP), it’s good to see symbols like this.


  1. Eye on Williamson » Why Blogs Are Better Than The MSM, 60-Day Rule Vote Coverage said,

    January 31, 2007 at 9:38 am

    […] If the House Democrats are splintered it’s not because of this, it’s because of the Speaker’s vote on January 9th. Again bills can still be brought up before the 60th day of the legislative session, they just have to get a 4/5ths vote. Bills must now be voted on individually and Dyer fails to mention that in his article. Bills can still be expedited. Even though almost all Republicans sided with (Rep. Sylvester) Turner, that side ultimately lost. That’s because the House can only suspend the Texas Constitution with a four-fifths vote, and Turner’s side fell short by about a dozen votes. […]

  2. Eye on Williamson » Sen. Chris Harris In The DMN said,

    June 22, 2007 at 11:18 am

    […] newspaper, to continue misleading on this.  You can read EOW’s reporting on the 60-day rule here, here and […]

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