GOP infighting in Williamson County

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After reading the latest article about the GOP infighting in Williamson County it’s clear that Republicans in Williamson County have nothing better to do then squabble and whine.  Now that our county elected “leaders” are using lawyers to fight amongst themselves, it’s clear they only dislike lawyers when Democrats hire them.  (To get caught up on the infighting in Williamson County it’s highly recommended to read these posts from The Austin Bulldog, here, here, here, and here).

Last week we found out about the latest in the soap opera, Commissioners send grievances about Duty to State Bar. Here’s an interesting quote from the article.

Judge Dan Gattis said the grievances were brewing for three or four months and began when the commissioners court was just not getting “good legal opinions” from Duty.

These grievances were brewing for three or four months. That’s about the time the big Judge Higginbotham sexual harassment bombshell was dropped.  That’s when it seems they, the Williamson County Commissioners Court, started thinking about filing grievances against her, County Attorney Jana Duty.  Although it seems clear that they were “not getting  ‘good legal opinions’ from Duty” for quite some time before they filed the grievances.

What also seems clear from the lawsuit that duty filed to remove Gattis is that his shenanigans, of hiring outside attorney’s in an illegal manner, had been going on for quite some time too.  We have the County Attorney doing a bunch of things that could get her disbarred, and we have the County Judge doing a bunch of illegal things, for years, and all these “leaders” have just been letting it go until someone got their feelings hurt.

That’s what happens when we get single party rule – the Mayberry Machiavellis have taken over.

Something from the comments in the AAS article needs to be cleared up.

Why does it always seem that the Democrats support Duty?

..And this reply.

Yea right only Democrats? I believe she wins elections by over 60%. And Repbulicans appear to vote for her constantly. Looks like both parties like having an honest County Attorney. She does not follow the lead of the other “shady politicians” so now She is not a republican? Yea sure. Well,It is obvious she has what it takes to keep up what she promised us voters…

Democrats support none of these people.  All anyone has to do is look at the election results. Some of the Independents that voted for Obama, and Maldonado, etc.. likely voted for Duty in 2008.  But very few if any Democrats did, they all voted for Jaime Lynn. No this is just pure GOP infighting, the Democrats have nothing to do with this and the only ones to blame are the voters of Williamson County that keep electing these people, over and over again.


  1. S4B said,

    February 1, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    You are absolutely right. Sometimes I’m not happy with the Democrat or Liberterian candidates I have (ex: Greg Wyndham and the Patriot guy that always talks at the County Court meetings), but the WILCO Republicans are vindictive, spiteful power-mongers. They regularly break the rules, and it’s a shame that even with all this press and coverage that the straight-ticket voters who wote party and not the person will still reelect these folks.

  2. wcnews said,

    February 1, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    You’re spot on. The GOP in Williamson County have absolute power….and we all know what that does.

  3. Eye on Williamson » What’s been happening in Williamson County said,

    May 30, 2011 at 1:27 pm

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