Save Texas Schools rally brings thousands to state Capitol

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An extremely large crowd from all over the state gathered at the south steps of the State Capitol in Austin to ask the state government to Save Our Schools.

Perrin-Whitt CISD Superintendent John Kuhn makes a rousing appeal on behalf of teachers rated “unacceptable”. He then reads his Alamo-inspired email that he sent to Sen. Craig Estes, Rep. Rick Hardcastle, Rep. Jim Keffer and Rep. Phil King. Unfortunately I missed the first few sentences of this inspirational speech, and my vantage point in a 11,000-plus crowd was such that I could only capture Kuhn’s image on the big-screen that Save Texas Schools organizers set up.

UPDATE: I found another video that captures most of the portion of the speech that Kuhn gave before I began recording. Below is a transcript of that portion.

UPDATE2: via Half Empty, Hal shares his video, providing the final missing words to the transcript below of the beginning part of Kuhn’s speech:

I just got a text from Rick Perry. He wanted me to tell you that it’s not his fault. (crowd boos) I’ll tell him you said that.
Public school teachers, can you hear me? The school reformers say you are bad at what you do. But the secret to their success is simple: Keep the bad kids out. Exclude the children who are hardest to teach and let them go to public school. But we say “Send them to us. We will take them.” We say, “Send us your poor, send us your homeless, the children of your afflicted and your addicted. Send us your kids who don’t speak Englin en es otros le hablamos en Espanol. Send us your special needs children, we will not turn them away.” And I tell you today, public school teacher, you will fail to take the shattered children of poverty and turn them into the polished products of the private schools. No. The most damaged public school children will not turn out as shiny and nice and new as the children whose applications are vetted and approved. Whose parents buy them books. Nor will you scrub them as clean as those whose parents keep them bundled in the snug blanket of home schooling….

I was near the tail end of an 8-block-long procession that flooded the south lawn of the Capitol with some 15,000 people. Here’s about one minute of video I took as we approached the Capitol from the North.


  1. wcnews said,

    March 12, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Great video. Thanks for posting it. The SOS Rally was great, so many families and kids. Also met some great teachers that Perry and the GOP are scapegoating.

    We must keep in mind that it is the children of our state and the future of our state that is under attack.

    Shame on Perry and the GOP.

  2. Eye on Williamson » Texas Blog Round Up (March 14, 2011) said,

    March 14, 2011 at 9:06 am

    […] thousands of Texans turned out on Saturday to Save Texas Schools WCNews at Eye On Williamson reminds us whose fault it is that Texas schools need saving and that their ruin has been the […]

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