GOP infighting continues in Williamson County

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The Statesman has the story on the latest chapter, Williamson County commissioners file grievances against county attorney.

Williamson County commissioners have blamed County Attorney Jana Duty in the county’s decision to pay $375,000 to settle a lawsuit involving sexual harassment allegations against a former County Court-at-Law judge, accusing Duty of misconduct in her handling of the case.

The accusation was part of a list of grievances that commissioners sent this week to the State Bar of Texas. Since January the commissioners have been filing grievances, alleging that Duty violated several Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, which govern the action of lawyers.

Former Williamson County court reporter Kimberly Lee and former court secretary Sharon McGuyer sued Williamson County in November, claiming that former County Court-at-Law Judge Don

Higginbotham sexually harassed them and yelled at them during a three-month period in 2009.

The county settled the lawsuit in March.

Looks like no one wants to be be left holding the $375,000 political “hot potato” with an election year fast approaching.

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  1. Chato said,

    April 24, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Any blame must be leveled directly at Judge Higginbotham for his crude and rude behavior. The blame train then picks up additional players such as Judge Gattis for trying to cover-up his friends behavior and using taxpayer’s money to defend him and the whole kit-n-kaboodle County Commissioners Court for allowing this mess to fester for so long.

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