My Congressman is an idiot – John Carter praises Socialism

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[When posting on Rep. John Carter (R-Round Rock) and the subject of oil it’s always key to know that he has a huge interest in ExxonMobil.]

Tip to Matt Yglesias, Representative John Carter (R-TX) Sings The Praises Of Norwegian Fossil Fuel Socialism, but Media Matters has the real takedown, GOP Rep. Carter Declares Support For Norwegian Socialism.

Like many conservative lawmakers, Rep. John Carter (R-TX) has often used the phrase “governmenttakeover” to deride President Obama’s health care law. But last night on the House floor, Carter came dangerously close to endorsing an actual government takeover of American energy production. Arguing in favor of increased oil drilling to address high gas prices, Carter cited Norway as an example of a country that the U.S. should emulate:

CARTER: The thing is we don’t know — we all speculate to some extent — but I think it’s [a] pretty easy commonsense position to take that the more supply we have with the demand — we are the demand capital of the world on burning gasoline and diesel. We outshine anyone else on the face of this globe in the use of those products. And we have relatively cheap prices as compared to other countries — especially countries that have no production. They can get very expensive very quickly. Until very recently, there was no oil or gas at all to amount to anything in what we now call Western Europe. Today there is. They have found it offshore, they have found it on the land in Holland and Norway and other places. Norway’s one of the — something like the third biggest producer of offshore oil in the world now. They’re doing extremely well and running their economy in a very frugal manner. Very smart people.  And they should be commended. We should do so good.



Here’ another item for Carter to tout, The [auto] bailout’s secret success. Do I think Carter is advocating for Socialism? No, but this has little to with economic systems. Carter’s concern lies with what is best for ExxonMobil.

Anyone who pays attention knows that Carter says idiotic stuff on a regulatory basis.  His ability to do that and get away with it has largely to do with him being in a solid GOP majority district.  This recent report on a town hall meeting in the Hill Country News, where he talks about the economy, is so full of misinformation that Carter almost makes fromer US Senator Alan Simpson look sane.

In the report it states that, “U.S. Rep. John Carter told a packed house at the Leander chamber luncheon that we are all to blame for the country’s massive debt but that together we can address the issue..”. Carter then goes on to say that, “Santa is dying, and he’ll be dead before the end of the year,” and he tells us that the only was we can “together” fix this problem is by killing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and not raising taxes – especially the rich and corporations like ExxonMobil.

We are again reminded of how fatally flawed the GOP party line on the economy is after Bloomberg shredded House Speaker John Boehner’s speech on Monday, Boehner’s Views on Economy Contradicted by Indicators, Studies. There are two things that are always left out of the GOP discussion when it comes to the issue of deficits and the economy. Here’s a concise explanation of the fist from Bloomberg:

1993 Tax Increase

The speaker didn’t mention a 1993 tax increase that raised the top individual marginal rate to 39.6 percent, where it stood until 2001. In 1998, the government recorded its first budget surplus in almost 30 years.

The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 4.1 percent in 1994, the year after Congress passed the second tax increase of the decade. The growth rate dropped to 2.5 percent in 1995, and thereafter rose to 3.7 percent in 1996. The economy grew more than 4 percent a year from 1997 through 2000.

The 1990s were a period of “stalemate between the Republican Congress” and President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, that paved the way for balanced budgets because there was “no major giveaway legislation,” said Eugene Steuerle, a former Treasury Department official who is Institute Chair at the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan research center in Washington.

That’s right, increasing taxes – especially on the rich and corporations – during a recession spurred the economy, and lead to the first budget surplus in almost 30 years. And here’s the second, The past and future of our budget deficit in two graphs.

Insofar as policy has gotten us into this fiscal mess, the Bush tax cuts deserve the bulk of the blame. In their absence, deficits would be much smaller today. If they’re allowed to expire in 2012, deficits will be much smaller going forward. So if you’re saying that tax increases are off the table in any and all budget deals, then you’re proposing to leave in place the very policies that have led to our current deficits and threaten to explode our future deficits. You can call people who’ve adopted that approach a lot of things. Tax cutters. Republicans. But you can’t call them deficit hawks.

That’s right, the main reason for our current debt is because of massive tax cuts to the rich and corporations.  The other main driver, unfunded wars in the Middle East.  Neither of which any member of the GOP like Carter and Boehner will ever mention.

Is Carter really an idiot?  No, but he’s been taken hostage to an ideology that is greedy, corrupt, selfish, mean, cold, cruel, and irresponsible.  He will say whatever is put in front of him, whether it is true or not.  We should all be skeptical of everything he says, no matter where we lie on the political spectrum.

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