John Carter Took $3,000 From CCA

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Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) the corporation that’s responsible for locking up children and families at T. Don Hutto has given money to many politicians in Texas and around the nation. Here’s the FEC disclosure. John Carter took $3,000 from them. Texas Senator’s Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn have taken $2,000 each. Texas Congressman Lamar Smith took $4,500 and Rep. Pete Sessions took $1,000. There’s many more names and organizations that are easily recognizable in CCA’s FEC disclosure.

Puts in context John Carter’s comments on his visit to T. Don Hutto:

“We talked to a whole table full of moms and kids,” Carter said. “We talked about the schools and they love them.”


But Congressman Carter says the Corrections Corporation of America is doing a good job providing a family-like environment. He also believes the education the children are getting meets Texas standards.

“I don’t know where they are getting this information, but I saw nothing other than a very compassionate, family-oriented facility,” Carter said.


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    […] That, unfortunately, translates to CCA getting $33.6 million a year to run this facility and Williamson County getting a little more than $185,000 per year. I always find it humorous how little outrage there is from Republicans when corporations, especially those that contribute to them, gouge the government. […]

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    […] After reading all of that, then read what Rep. Carter had to say about TDH. Don’t forget to let ‘ol John know how you feel about this, him, and his campaign contributor that profits from jailing children. […]

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