Krusee v. Ogden

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An updated AAS article on Sen. Ogden’s statements on TxDOT and tolls has some rebuttal comments from last term Krusee:

Perry’s office and state Rep. Mike Krusee, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, defended the state’s toll road policy.

“The Legislature, including Sen. Ogden, had denied our cities adequate funding for transportation for years,” said Krusee, R-Williamson County. “If we now remove the only effective tool, it’s our cities and our citizens, not TxDOT, who will be harmed, with more congestion, more pollution and less economic opportunity.”

He said that to abandon the state policy would return Texas to the days of 20-year highway projects.

Krusee’s legislative district includes part of Williamson County, which is in Ogden’s Senate district.

Krusee noted that toll roads Texas 130, Texas 45 and the Loop 1 extension have been built since the 2003 bill that he and Ogden co-sponsored.

“It’s ironic that, after the senator’s district benefited with literally billions of dollars of projects, he would prevent other cities from benefiting, too,” Krusee said.

I’ll leave the rebuttal to McBlogger who does much better than I could:

Billions in TOLL projects and the last I checked, Mikey, 130 wasn’t exactly helping ease congestion through Wilco. Which is why Ogden is as pissed as the rest of us. You bitches couldn’t even do toll roads right which makes me think you’re thoroughly incompetent in all areas of your life. You picked the most expensive funding option, screwed your constituents and now want to complain about them being pissed at you?

This brings up an interesting point about the incompetence of Rep. Krusee, often touted as someone who ‘understands transportation’. It’s been pretty clear, viewing the practical effects of Krusee’s ideas when implemented in the real world, that Mike Krusee knows as much about transportation as I know about lacrosse. So, let’s dispense with this bullshit about the brilliance of Mike Krusee. It’s his incompetence that is beginning to cause a lot of problems for Republicans in the House and Senate, many whom continue, much like good lemmings, to follow Krusee’s lead.

What they don’t know is the rumor that Krusee knows he can’t win in 2008, has accepted that and has decided to throw everyone under the bus. Hear that, Republicans in the House? You’re following a guy who is already politically dead, knows it and has decided to bring everything down around him. Ever heard of suicide by cop? This guy’s planning suicide by voter and he doesn’t care about collateral damage hurting anyone else.

So, let me make it very clear for those of you in the Republican caucus in the House, especially those on the Transportation Committee… you all have targets on your back and there are a massive number of political guns, including traditionally REPUBLICAN guns, pointed in your direction. Let Kolkhorst’s bill out of committee. Right now it’s the only chance you have to save yourselves from a primary opponent and a well funded Democratic opponent in 2008. Seriously, you’d be better off following Rep. Coleman’s lead on transportation in the House. More Republicans like him right now than you can imagine.

The only thing I would add to this is that don’t blame them screwing up these toll roads simply on incompetence. There’s quite a bit of corruption involved too.

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  1. mcblogger said,

    February 28, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    EXCELLENT point. Wish I’d have made that one as well:)

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