Bush on steroids

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I’ve tried to write about the potential, and extremely likely, bid of Texas Gov. Rick Perry for the GOP nomination to run for President of the United States and it’s tough to come up with something just right.  My thinking is that just like what happened when Perry followed Bush in Texas, it would be the same on a national scale.  Similar policies, but we’re further down the “wing-nut” rabbit hole so the damage Perry’s liable to do would be much, much worse than Bush.  What’s been called “Bush on steroids”.

I also know that Molly Ivins would certainly have much, (none of it good), to say about “Gov. Goodhair” and why he would be another terrible President from Texas.

Toward the end of George W’s right-wing presidency, national columnist Molly Ivins said: “Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be elected president of the United States, please pay attention.”

My caution would be to anyone listening, do not take Perry lightly, or write him off as stupid or unqualified as was done with Bush. Presidential contests have little to do with qualifications for the job. They’re more like class president-style popularity contests. Perry’s the kind of candidate that will do very well with that kind of race.

Today he was in San Antonio talking about the economy and the stimulus, while failing to mention he eagerly accepted $12 billion of it in 2009. The worst part is that Perry wants to do to our nation what he’s done to Texas.

What does it mean to be a middle class wage-earner and consumer in Texas?

For too many families, it means a struggle to make ends meet. Texans want safe, stable jobs with decent wages and reasonable benefits that allow them to raise a family, own a home, and save for a comfortable retirement. Much has been made lately about job growth in Texas. Unfortunately, for middle class Texans, the so-called “Texas Miracle” has been more myth than reality. So, how does Texas stack up to the rest of the nation on key quality of life indicators?


This stark reality is compounded by a lax regulatory climate that typically favors industry over individuals and a broken civil justice system that is too often closed to consumers, patients, and workers who face needless injury and financial devastation.  That’s right.  If you are hurt on the job, ripped off by your insurance company, or have your savings wiped out by Wall Street shenanigans, you likely won’t be able to have your day in court.

Not quite the picture of middle class bliss that many politicians and spinmeisters would have us believe.

Download a PDF of our fact sheet “Texas: Miracle or Myth?”

The problem in our state and country in inequality, which can only be solved with jobs that pay a living wage. But unfortuanately we’re going backwards, Next low-wage haven: USA.

Jokes about the U.S. becoming “Europe’s Mexico” are commonplace, but now high-priced consultants are pushing the notion in all seriousness.

They’re predicting that within five years certain Southern U.S. states will be among the cheapest manufacturing locations in the developed world — and competitive with China.

It’s pretty clear that a Perry presidency would only speed the decline, Bush on steroids.

Further Reading:
From the Austin Chonicle “The Perry Trap“.
ALEC model legislation echoes TPPF, Perry-backed higher ed reforms in Texas.

Texans for Public Justice (TPJ) has published The Rick Perry Primer.

Texas Governor Rick Perry is unknown to much of America. Texans for Public Justice (TPJ) has followed
this politician since he became governor in late 2000, publishing numerous reports on Perry’s politics and policies.

Much of this research focuses on Perry’s fundraising activities and the connections between his contributors and his official actions. We also have kept a critical eye on Perry’s economic development initiatives and privatization schemes, as well as his occasional ethical lapses.

With talk of a Perry presidential campaign escalating, this report summarizes highlights of a decade of Perry-related research.

– Texans for Public Justice

TPJ also recently added this information to its web site.

Who Gave Rick Perry $102 Million?
See Perry’s Instant Bundling Network!

As speculation on a Rick Perry presidential bid grows TPJ is posting a complete list of his campaign contributors since becoming Governor of Texas.* Perry raised a total of $102,834,081 between Jan. 2001 and Dec. 2010. Of his $102 million, $51 million was provided by 204 individuals and pacs that have each contributed $100,000 or more.

Download a file (csv format, 12mb) of Perry’s 86,783 itemized contributions.

View a list or download a file of the 204 individuals and committees that have contributed $100,000 or more to Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns.

View a breakdown of Perry’s campaign money by economic interest sectors.

*The data only includes contributions to Texans for Rick Perry, his Texas campaign committee and does not include money raised by Perry for other entities such as his inaugural committees, the Republican Governors’ Association, or other related party and non-party committees.

This FWST article has more, Texas millionaires and billionaires helped fuel Perry’s political rise.

Rick Perry has held public office for quite some time and has become wealthy in the process. He may have come from humble beginnings but Perry has changed his life for the better, all the while being in public office, and being paid in taxpayer money. Or asPeggy Fikac recently put it, “He’s an anti-government crusader who’s a career politician who’s collected a government paycheck for nearly 20 years”.



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    […] WCNews at Eye On Williamson warns that a Rick Perry presidential run should not be taken lightly, because if elected he would be Bush on Steroids. […]

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