“Bombshell dropped” in Michael Morton case

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Via Austin Legal, Travis D.A. offers “powerful evidence” in Morton case. It must be good news for Michael Morton.

Travis County prosecutors dropped a bombshell on the Michael Morton murder case Monday – a sealed, two-page file detailing a pending case that apparently bolsters Morton’s claim that he was wrongly convicted almost 25 years ago.

District Judge Sid Harle revealed the sealed file to prosecutors and defense lawyers during a Monday afternoon hearing, then adjourned to give both sides time to read it.

The contents, discussed in court only in oblique terms, prompted defense lawyer John Raley to move that Morton be immediately freed from prison.

“This is very powerful evidence, your honor. Wow,” Raley said. “I would imagine that, in light of this new information, the state should be prepared (to provide) relief for Michael Morton immediately. Right now.”

Raley and fellow lawyer Nina Morrison offered to work with prosecutors to produce a “bare bones” court filing with agreed-upon findings based on Morton’s innocence.

But lawyers with the Williamson County District Attorney’s Office, which originally prosecuted Morton for murder in the 1987 death of his wife, Christine Morton, said more information was needed – including access to a bandanna that is being held by a private DNA testing company.

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  1. Amerloc said,

    September 26, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Huh. Bradley’s office putting the brakes on a potential exoneration. Who’d’ve thunk it…

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