Welcome to Williamson County, Texas

Reporting from deep in the heart of Texas, Eye on Williamson County casts a light on the corruption and incompetence of local and state government. Once a quaint, rural community, Williamson has vastly outgrown its infrastructure. As one of the nation’s fastest growing counties, our population has doubled in the past decade. With progress has come modern headaches: traffic, crime, pollution and overcrowded schools. Our elected officials who insist on funding their campaigns with contributions from owners of companies that do business with the county, see nothing wrong in their behavior. The influence peddling at the county courthouse puts the interests of these few ahead of that of the voters. Yet cycle after cycle, they continue to use their bloated campaign warchests to deceive voters and win re-election.

Although the Republicans have held a commanding majority in all countywide elections held since 1994, their margin of victory was reduced by 70 percent in the 2008 campaign. Diana Maldonado became the first Democrat to represent Williamson county in the state legislature since pro-business conservative Democrat Parker McCollough left office in 1992. 

The labels “Democrat” and “Republican” in 2008 certainly bear little resemblance to their 1992 meanings. What is common is that there has always been one party in power. Back then it was Democratic. Now it is Republican. But what has been accomplished, as reported and hopefully in some small way influenced by this site, is for the first time the establishment candidate has been defeated. Opposed by more than a quarter million dollars of “swiftboat” Bob Perry and Speaker Tom Craddick money, Diana Maldonado’s message of investment in education and insurance reform resonated with voters and produced a victory that few could have imagined a few years ago.

We are a group of Democrats, the party of 44 percent of the county that, so far, has been unable to break the headlock by Republicans on county government. EyeOnWilliamson.org is approaching its fourth year on the Internet and is the leading source of liberal news from Williamson county. More than 40,000 visited the site in the past year (absolute unique IP visits, according to SiteMeter). This site continues to be a purely amateur hobby for our editors, wcnews and dembones. We entertain ourselves during our precious-few leisure hours by pointing out the scandalous ineptitude and corruption of our local government. Whether you agree with our politics or not, we hope you are amused.