Early voting turnout and other primary ramblings

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Turnout in Williamson County has been around 1,200 per day, (along with 1,300 in mail-in ballots), and through Thursday the 17th turnout is at 2.55%.

In the GOP primary races for County Commissioner the county’s debt has become an issue. It’s always interesting when GOP candidates, and their apologists, try to justify debt to other wing nuts. But the reality is that in a growing county like Williamson infrastructure has to be built, and that takes money. And our current elected leaders have made a choice never to raise taxes. If that’s the case it leaves only one choice, to borrow money, which creates debt.

The reality is we, the tax payers, pay either way. But at least right now interest rates are low and continuing to borrow keeps people employed and the economy humming. Now if we could only get the GOP at the state and national level to understand this economic argument the economy would be humming along at all levels.

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