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Nobody is quicker to shout “conspiracy theory” than Bud Kennedy, especially when NASCO’s involved, Group’s ‘conspiracy’ is to create more efficient trade route.

Conspiracy lurks this week in downtown Fort Worth, where an international cabal is scheming to bring a sinister plot to our own Texas highways.

Or that’s what the Patrick Buchanan crowd would have you believe, along with the John Birch Society fringe and the Eagle Forum ladies and everybody else who fears a new, fast, international highway and rail line across America.

On one hand Bud is right, this group does appear to be out to just make money and not take over the world.

More than 350 business and political leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada are gathered in a Fort Worth hotel ballroom for the annual meeting of a Dallas-based trade organization called North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO).

But on the other hand what Bud does in his article by belittling some that have a problem with NASCO/TTC - because they are one in the same and that’s no theory - is making no mention of the real problems with this, the privatization of our transportation infrastructure. A bunch of corporations and governmental leaders (what’s in this for them?) form the US, Mexico and Canada coming together to figure out the cheapest way, which will allow them to make huge profits off of taxpayers, to take Texan’s land, and slap a toll on these roads to move their goods form point A to point B. Does anyone remember back to the days when the TTC was supposed to help with traffic congestion and wasn’t just a trade route give-away to corporations? That’s rhetorical by the way.

The point is that when Bud drags all those wing-nut groups into this and starts yelling “conspiracy theorists” he winds up diverting attention, purposefully or not, form the real issue: Selling off our infrastructure for corporate profit.

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  1. Larry NM said,

    June 5, 2007 at 3:59 am

    I see Bud hasn’t changed. Still a whore for the establishment interests, like so many in the sold out MSM.

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